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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1270

63501. In following circuit, steady state is reached with S open, S is closed at t = 0, the current I at t = 0+ is given by

63502. In an ac series RLC circuit the maximum phase difference between any two voltages can be

63503. In a series circuit with XL constant and R variable the current locus lies in the third quadrant.

63504. One coulomb charge is equal to the charge on

63505. For the two port of figure, z22 is

63506. The internal impedance of a source is 3 + j 4 Ω. It is desired to supply maximum power to a resistive load. The load resistance should be

63507. In figure readings of the two voltmeters should be

63508. The internal impedance of a source is 3 + j 7 Ω. For maximum power transfer, load impedance should be

63509. In the circuit of figure, the current through battery E3 is

63510. Which arch is statically determinate structure?

63511. Two capacitors of 16 μF each are connected in series. Another capacitor of 16 μF is connected in parallel with this combination. The total capacitance will be

63512. Assertion (A): Operator has a value 1 ∠ - 90° or 1 ∠ 90°.Reason (R): Operator 'a' has a value 1 ∠ 120°.

63513. The maximum current and voltage ratings for a 0.5 W, 10 kW resistor are

63514. Figure shows a pole zero plot of I(s). The likely current response in time domain is

63515. A system has transfer function The dc gain is

63516. In a series RLC circuit, the current at resonance is I0 the total energy stored in the circuit at resonance is

63517. If J, I and a denote current density, current and area of cross section of a conductor, then

63518. Which of the following is a force method?

63519. If A = 3 + j1, A4

63520. A low pass single pole filter has a the corner frequency and its phase shift are

63521. If A = 3 + j1 and B = 4 + j3, A + B =

63522. When a constant voltage source and constant current source are in series, the current source is ineffective.

63523. Identify which of the following is not a tree of the graph shown in figure

63524. I am not accustomed ......... this way of life .?

63525. The network has 10 nodes and 17 branches. The number of different node power voltages would be

63526. For the time domain response shown in figure the pole

63527. Two capacitor of 1 F each are connected in parallel. Another 1 F capacitor is connected in series with the parallel combination. The total capacitance is

63528. The realization of the term Ks yields

63529. If operator 'a' = 1 ∠120° then (1 - a2) =

63530. In figure, a voltmeter of internal resistance 1200 Ω is connected across 600 Ω resistance and it reads 5 V. The value of R is

63531. For the wave shown in figure, the average and rms values are

63532. A 10 ohm resistance and a 10 ohm capacitor are connected in series across a 100 V ac supply. The rms voltage across resistance is

63533. When a 10 K, 10%, 1/4 Ω resistor is connected in series with a 12 K, ± 1%, 1/4 Ω resistor, the resulting combination has the following specifications

63534. The resonance frequency of the circuit is

63535. Three identical coils each having self inductance L are connected in series so that the fluxes of all the three are in the same direction. If mutual inductance between each pair of coils is M, the total inductance of the arrangement is

63536. In a resistive ac circuit, the current __________ the voltage by __________ .

63537. The lion has a ......... look.?

63538. When two coupled coils of equal self inductance are cormected in series in one way the net inductance is 12 mH and when they are connected in the other way the net inductance is 4 mH. The maximum value of inductance when they are connected in parallel is

63539. An R-L series circuit is excited by a voltage v(t). The circuit was initially relaxed. Which of the following sources of v(t) would cause maximum current at t = 0+?

63540. Power is drawn from a source at power factor 0.7. Pav = 300 watt. The reactive power is

63541. Two capacitors each of capacitance C and breakdown voltage V are joined in series. The capacitance and breakdown voltage of the combination is

63542. The current wave shown in figure is applied at t = 0 to a 0.1 F capacitor. At t = 1 s, the voltage across capacitor is

63543. A capacitor can be represented by a capacitance C in parallel with a resistance R. For a good capacitor, the resistance R should be

63544. If a sheet of a mica is inserted between the plates of an air capacitor, the capacitance

63545. National Consumer Day?

63546. A circuit has two branches 1 and 2 in parallel. If |Q1| = 8 KVAR and |Q2| = 6 KVAR, the magnitude of total kvar drawn form supply will be

63547. Necessity is the ......... of invention.?

63548. When a function Z(s) having a pole at infinity is realized, we get

63549. A specimen of a material has a resistivity of 1.78 x 108 ohm-m. The material is

63550. In a purely capacitive circuit, the current __________ the voltage by __________ .

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