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65301. If average correlation between v1(t) and v2(t) is R12(t) and average correlation between v2(t) and v1(t) is R21(t) then

65302. A stationary process has

65303. Algebraic expression for z-transform of x[n] is X[z]... What is the algebraic expression of z-transform of ejω0n x[n]?

65304. The waveform shown in the given Figure can be written as

65305. Assertion (A): The function δ'(t - b) is equal to 0 for t ≠ bReason (R): A number of impulses spaced from one another form an impulse train.

65306. The range of values of a and b for which the linear time invariant system with impulse response. h(n) = an n ≥ 0         = bn n < 0 will be stable if

65307. If f(- t) = f(t), the function f(t) has only cosine terms.

65308. If a complex voltage wave is applied to a pure inductance, the resulting current wave is much smoother than the voltage wave.

65309. If a function f(t) is Laplace transformable, then

65310. In the given figure shows a periodic triangular wave. The Fourier series will have

65311. If xk is one sided to the right

65312. A discrete LTI system is non-casual if its impulse response is

65313. consider the following as regards cumulative disribution function F(x)0 ≤ F(x) ≤ 1F(- ∞) = 0F(∞) = 1F(x1) ≤ F(x2) If x1 < x2 Out of above which are correct?

65314. Assertion (A): Fourier series can also be written in exponential form.Reason (R): sin (n ωt) and cos (n ωt) can be expressed as sum or difference of exponentials.

65315. A number of impulses spaced fron one another form an impulse train.

65316. In a complex wave, the negative half of the wave is a reproduction of the positive half wave. Then

65317. If and k > 0 X(z) = - In (1 - z-1) with 1 < |z|

65318. If f(t) is an odd function

65319. King Harshavardhana lived in?

65320. Out of the three transforms viz. Z-transform, Laplace transform and Fourier transform

65321. In the representation f(t) = the set of complex coefficient Fn is the frequency spectrum of f(t)

65322. The integral of k u(t) is

65323. Which one of following is a stataic system?

65324. The impulse response of the DT - LTI system is given below       Check whether the system is StableCasualDynamic.

65325. If R(t ) is autocorrelation of a waveform v(t) and R(0) is autocorrelation for t = 0, then

65326. Assertion (A): Impulse function is an important function in network analysis.Reason (R): Convolution integral enables us to find the response of a network to an arbitary input in terms of the impulse response.

65327. For the single rectangular pulse of the given figure F(jω) = [Ad sin (ωd/2)]/(ωd/2).

65328. The total area under the probability distribution curve is

65329. Which one of following is correct condition to check the stability of system?

65330. The inverse Fourier transform of the function F(ω) = is

65331. Let f1(t) = G1(t) + 4, f2(t) = G2(t) + 3. If G1(t) and G2(t) are uncorrected then the correlation between f1(t) and f2(t) are

65332. If p is the probability of success and q is the probability of failure, then the probability that there are r successes in n trails is

65333. A signal m(t) with bandwidth 500 Hz is first multiplied by a signal g(t) where The resulting signal is then passed through on ideal low pass filter with bandwidth 1 kHz. The output of the low pass filter would me

65334. ROC of sequence x[n] = δ[n] is

65335. Who was the youngest President of India?

65336. The unit step response of a system is (1 - ea t) u(t). Then its impulse response is

65337. The output of a linear system for any input can be computed in which of the following ways?

65338. The inverse Laplace transform of 1/(s - a)2 is

65339. Pleura protects?

65340. If xk = 0 for k < 0 and = 2k for k ≥ 0 X(z) = z/(z -2).

65341. Assertion (A): If an event A can happen in m ways and another event B can happen in n ways, both can happen in mn ways.Reason (R): Two events are mutually exclusive if happening of either precludes the occurrence of other.

65342. Assertion (A): In the curve , a high value of h indicate a high peak and rapid fall in the curve.Reason (R): If the number of ways in an event may result can be analysed into a successes and b failures, each equally likely to occur, the probability of success in a single trial is

65343. Which one of the following digital filters does have a linear phase response?

65344. For a second order system, damping ratio ζ is such that 0 < ζ <. Then the roots of characteristic equation are

65345. If is scaled as an x[n] then ROC changes from `R` to

65346. If f(t)↔ F(jω), and f(t) is real, then F(- jω)

65347. Fourier transform o the function f(t) = 1 is

65348. Kerala got Santhosh Trophy for the first time in?

65349. If a function f(t) is an odd, function, its Fourier series

65350. cos(nω1t) =

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