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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1305

65251. The n state variables can be considered as n components of a state vector.

65252. Following is a reason of distortion in communication system

65253. The state equations are in the form

65254. (SI - A)-1 = adj(sI - A)/det (sI - A)

65255. The eign values of n x n matrix A are the root of the characteristic equation 1λI - AI = 0

65256. A signal is x + f(t) where x is constant and f(t) is a power signal with zero mean value. The power of the signal is

65257. A pulse function can be represented as difference of two equal step functions.

65258. The impulse response h[n] of a linear time invariant system is given by h[n] = ∪[n + 3 ] + ∪[n - 2] -2∪[n -7]. The above system is

65259. Which one condition is true to check the periodically for discrete time signal (where K is any integer, N is period, f0 is frequency of signal)

65260. If v(t) = 0 for t < 0 and e-a t for t ≥ 0 V(jω) = 1/(a + jω).

65261. The term 'energy spectral density' is associated with

65262. If f(t) = 1, F(jω) = 2p δ(ω).

65263. Short circuit is the dual of open circuit.

65264. Highest value of Autocorrelation of a function 100 cos 50 p t is

65265. The Laplace transform of (tn-1) where n is integer is

65266. Which one of the following is the correct statement? The region of convergence of z transform of x[n] consists of the values of z for which x[n] r-n is

65267. The data about p the pull required to lift a weight wby a pulley block is The linear law p = a + bw is

65268. Average power for signal is

65269. A linear discrete time system has the char. equation z3 - 0.81z = 0, the system is

65270. For a signal x(t) the F.T. is X(f). Then inverse F.T of X(3f + 2) is given by

65271. Energy density function is always

65272. For Ergodic Process

65273. Assertion (A): A non-sinusoidal wave can be expressed in terms of sine waves of different frequencies which are multiples of the frequency of fundamental.Reason (R): If negative half of a complex wave is a reproduction of the positive half, the even harmonics are absent.

65274. A function will have only sine terms if

65275. The discrete time system describes by y(n) = x(n2) is

65276. A system is stable if ROC

65277. The Laplace transform of a unit step function is

65278. The minimum sampling frequency in sample/sec. required to reconstruct the following signal from its samples wuthout distortion would be

65279. If ROC of x[n] is R1 then ROC of an x[n] is

65280. x = AX + Bu is a state equation.

65281. The standard deviation of a set of observations is the rms value of the deviation from the arithmetic mean.

65282. The function shown in the given Figure can be written as

65283. In a network V(s) = Z(s) I(s) where V(s), Z(s) and I(s) are Laplace transforms of v(t), z(t) and i(t). The voltage v(t) is

65284. For formation of state equations, resistance of the circuit

65285. In a Communication system, noise is most likely to affect the signal.

65286. If the sequence |xn|1/n converges, then the series converages absolutely is

65287. If X(a) is the z transform of kxk, then the z transform of k xk is

65288. A system is said to be static system, when present output depend upon

65289. The function f(t) = E[u(t - a) - u(t - b)] is

65290. If two mutually exclusive events A and B can happen in m and n ways, then either A or B can happen in (m + n) ways.

65291. The Laplace transform of sin ωt is

65292. If f(t) is an even function

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