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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1304

65201. State space analysis is applicable to

65202. If Fn represents Fourier series coefficient of f(t), then Fourier series coefficient of f(t + t) =

65203. Fourier transform is defined for

65204. If xk = a k and k < 0 X(z) = - (1 - a z-1)-1 with |z| < |a |

65205. Fourier transform of unit step function is

65206. Auto correlation R(t ) of a function v(t) is defined as

65207. Parseval's theorem for energy tells that

65208. δ(t) dt is a

65209. For Binomial Distribution

65210. The derivative of unit step function is

65211. The coefficients Fn in the exponential form of Fourier series are

65212. If f1(t) ↔ F1 (jω) and f2(t) ↔ F2(jω), then f1(t)↔ f2(t)

65213. L [f(t - a)] = F(jω) e-jωa

65214. The integral of k δ(t) is

65215. The integral of unit step function is a ramp of slope unity.

65216. Which one of the systems described by the following I/P - O/P relations is time invariant

65217. The Diwan who introduced ‘American Model constitution’ in Travancore.?

65218. The Nyquist sampling interval, for the signal sinc (700t) + sinc (500t) is

65219. The integral of a unit impulse is

65220. The z-transform of sequence x[n] = δ(n) is

65221. State variable formulation is very suitable for computer solution.

65222. If ξ f(t) = F(jω), ξf(t-a) =

65223. The two inputs to an analogue multiplier are x(t) and y(t) with fourier transforms X(f) and Y(f) respectively. The output Z(t) will have a transform Z(f) given by

65224. The units of the spectrum obtained be Fourier transforming the covariance function of a stationery Stochastic Process is

65225. FIR digital filter having __________ stability than FIR filter.

65226. The relay station for the incoming and outgoing impulses to and from the cerebrum is called?

65227. A voltage v(t) which is a gaussian ergodic random process witha mean of zero and a varance of 4 volt2 is measured by a meter which first square and then reads its dc component. The reading will be

65228. The size of the gasket is depends on:

65229. The material with highest ductility:

65230. Which of the following is/are not a property/properties power spectral density function Sx(ω)?

65231. A casual LTI system is described by the difference equation 2y[n] = a y[n - 2] - 2x[n] + βx[n -1] The system is stable only if

65232. The colour of Iron Sulphate is?

65233. An excitation is applied to a system at t = T and the response in zero for -∞ < t < T. This system is

65234. For the wave i = I0 + I1m sin ωt + I3m sin 3ωt, the rms value is

65235. Sufi sect developed in the religion?

65236. The signumm function written as [sgn(t)] is defined as

65237. Fourier transform of the unit step function (i.e., u(t) = 1 for t ≥ 0 and u(t) = 0 for t < 0) is

65238. Fourier series is applicable for

65239. After a consistent persuasion for several years India finally got success in a Free Trade Agreement with which of the following?

65240. Fourier transform F(jω) of an arbitrary signal has the property

65241. Humanity Equality, Destiny is the moto of?

65242. The units of F(jω) are volt-seconds.

65243. Which of the following can a court issue for enforcement of Fundamental Rights?

65244. A system with input x[n] and output y[n] is given as y[n] = (sin 5/6 p n) x(n) The system is

65245. If f (t) is an even function, then in th form

65246. The output y(t) of a linear time invariant system is related to its input x(t) by the following equation y(t) = 0.5x(t - td + 1) + x(t - td) + 0.5 x(t - td + 7). The filter transfer function H(ω) of such a system is given by

65247. unit step is a

65248. Assertion (A): In complex frequency s = σ + jω, the terms s and ω are nepar frequency and radin frequency. Reason (R): If ω = 0, the graph of Kest will be a decaying exponential if s <

65249. Tropical cyclone is known in West Indies and the Gulf of Mexico as:?

65250. Final value theroem is for sequence x[n] is

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