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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1303

65151. If a sequence is causal then ROC is (where a is any number)

65152. Which Minor Rock Edict of Ashoka describes the conquest of Kalinga by Ashoka?

65153. X and Y are two random variable and Z = X + Y. Let σx2, σy2 and σz2 be variance of X, Y and Z. Then

65154. Consider the following sets of values of E, R and C for the circuit in the given figure. 2 V, 1 Ω, 1.25 F1.6 V, 0.8 Ω, 1 F1.6 V, 1 Ω, 0.8 F2 V, 1.25 Ω, 1 F Which of these of values will ensure that the state equation is valid?

65155. Assertion (A): The conditions under which it is possible to write Fourier series of a periodic function are called Drichlet conditions. Reason (R): If f(t) = - f(- t), it is refereed to as odd symmetry.

65156. Initial value theroem for sequence x[n] is

65157. L[c1f1(t) + c2f2(t)] =

65158. If a linear time invartant system is exicited by a pure random signal like white noise, the output of the linear system will have which of the following properties?

65159. Award given to the best farmer is?

65160. A signum function is

65161. Give that is

65162. If f(k) ↔ F(z), then kn fk ↔

65163. If a number of even functions are added, the resultant sum is

65164. For the differential equation (D3 - D2 + D -1) [y(t)] = 0 the root of auxiliary equation are

65165. If F[jω] is Fourier transform of f(t), then Fourier transform of f(- t) =

65166. The auto correlation of a sampling function is a

65167. The solution of state equations using Laplace transform is

65168. Assertion (A): In order that f(t) is Laplace transformable, it is necessary that for real positive σ1 Reason (R): If f(t) is known we can find F(s) and vice versa.

65169. A gate function which occurs at t = t0 and lasts for duration T can be written as

65170. Assertion (A): The response of a network to an impluse is determined only by the parameters of the network.Reason (R): If f(t) is a unit parabolic function, its Laplace transform is 1/s3

65171. Assertion (A): δ(t - b) is an impulse occuring at t = bReason (R): Intergal of unit impulse gives unit step function.

65172. If a signal g(t) has energy E, then the energy of the signal g(2t) is equal to ...

65173. FIR filter Passes __________ Phase.

65174. A trigonometric series has

65175. If a number of odd functions are added, the resultant sum is

65176. In what range should Re(s) remains so that Laplace transform of the function e(a + 2)t + 5 exists?

65177. Which one of the following rules determines the mapping of s-plane to z-plane?

65178. In which Country mercy Killing introduced in second time?

65179. If the vacuum level inside the refrigerator is 30 mm of Hg the moisture boiling temperature will be:

65180. For a wave v = V 1m sin (ωt + θ1 ) - V3m sin (3ωt + θ3), the rms value is (0.5 V21m + 0.5 V23m)0.5

65181. The function in the given figure can be written as

65182. F.T. of continuous non-periodic signal is

65183. consider the following as regards probability distribution function f(x)f(x) = 0 for all xcumulative distribution function which of the above are correct?

65184. Inverse Fourier transform of ∪(ω) is

65185. Inverse Fourier transform of '1' is

65186. Pick out the odd one

65187. X and Y are two random variables and Z = X + Y . Letmz, mz, mx, my represent mean of Z, X and Y. Then

65188. If X(z) = (1 - a z-1), and |a | < |z|, the initial value x0 is

65189. The triangular wave of the given figure can be written as v(t) = u(t) - tu(t) + (t - 1) u(t - 1)

65190. The function A est where s = s + jω represents

65191. Half wave sysmmetry means f(t) = - f(t ± T/2).

65192. If X(z) = 2az-1/(1 - az-1)3 and |a| < |z|, then the initial value x0 is

65193. When a complex voltage wave is applied to a capacitor the resulting current wave is more distorted than the voltage wave.

65194. Which of the following blood groups is called a ‘universal donor’?

65195. Fourier transform of non periodic DT signal is

65196. The Fourier transform of f(t) = cos ω0t is

65197. The function shown in the figure

65198. Assertion (A): Reason (R): An impulse has a very high magnitude but very short duration.

65199. Energy spectral density is equal to for a signal g(t)

65200. Given, Lf(t) = F(s) ⇒ which of the following expression are correct? L[f(t - a) ∪ (t - a)] = F(s)e-saL(t - a)f(t) = as F(s) Select the correct answer using the codes given below

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