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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1363

68151. The landforms that are created by massive earth movements due to place tectonics are called

68152. The largest production of mica in Asia is from

68153. The latitude 'AA' on the map represents the

68154. The largest fresh water lake of Africa, area wise is

68155. The important mountains of Europe include

68156. The last major glacial period began about 2,000,000 years before present and is commonly known as

68157. The imaginary axis at which the earth rotates remains inclined at an angle of ____ to the plane of earth's orbit.

68158. The ionosphere contains ionized air that protects the earth from

68159. The horizontal of soil profile is composed of

68160. The largest city in Latin America is

68161. The highest and lowest values of a weather element observed over the entire period of record are

68162. The highest mountain peak of Oceania is

68163. The length of the tropical years (the time interval between successive occurrences of the spring equinox) is decreasing very slowly as a result of

68164. The largest gulf in the world is

68165. The hunting and gathering economy can support only

68166. The import of crude oil and petroleum done from national oil companies of producer countries, which have a net exportable surplus of oil is by

68167. The land-sea distribution or the positions of the world's continents and major oceans influences

68168. The knowledge about the topography of the ocean basins has been derived from

68169. The headquarters of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), formed out of erstwhile USSR, is at

68170. The minor planets revolving between the orbits of Jupiter and Mars are called

68171. The lowermost and the oldest epoch of the Tertiary Period of geologic time is

68172. The luminous coloured ring, surrounding the sun is called the

68173. The longest ship canal in the world is the

68174. The major geological events of the Palaeozoic era include

68175. The major events of Pre-Cambrian era include

68176. The meridian passing through London is called the

68177. The most recent era of the geological time scale is

68178. The low heating capacity of which of the types of coal reduces its value as an industrial fuel?

68179. The most important factor that is affecting all the chemical weathering processes is

68180. The longest river in the Common wealth of independent states is the

68181. The monsoon climatic regions are

68182. The main vegetation of the steppe type climatic regions is

68183. The minerals of sulphide group are

68184. The major crude oil markets are the

68185. The most important force that provide resistance to particles towards entertainment is

68186. The metamorphism which involves the chemical replacement of elements in rock minerals when gases and liquids permute into bedrock is called

68187. The magnetosphere becomes unstable during the magnetic storms during a period of

68188. The major cause of species extinction is

68189. The major crops found in Sudan are

68190. The most pleasant elements i.e. summer temperatures rarely above 40? and winters are fairly mild, occur in the

68191. The movement of particles by rolling, sliding and shuffling along the eroded surface is called

68192. Which of the following is an igneous rock?

68193. The main dividing line between the geological regions of the Indo Gangetic plain and the peninsula is

68194. The mean basin area of successive ordered streams formed a linear relationship when graphed. This statement is given by

68195. The most explosive type of volcano is

68196. The lowest point, on land, in the world is

68197. The low latitude zone of globe extends between

68198. The main objective of multi-purpose river projects are

68199. The mountains which come into being after the continental drift started, with the break up of the large land mass of pangola are

68200. The Mistral is

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