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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1364

68201. The main period of Mesozoic era include

68202. The main percentage of the volume of water in the hydrosphere is in

68203. The main tributaries of Indus river system are

68204. The model which explains the various types of igneous rocks

68205. The mean surface temperature of the sun is estimated to be of the prder of

68206. Which of the following is an inland sea?

68207. The most densely populated country of Africa is

68208. The major countries of Middle East are

68209. The most recent and logical concept regarding the origin of ocean basins and continents is that of

68210. The main types of air mass include maritime tropical(mT) maritime polar(mP) maritime arctic(mA)continental polar(cP)

68211. The major motion of the planet earth includes

68212. The most salty sea in the world is

68213. The most densely populated regions in the world are

68214. The most notable example of a tectonic valley is that of the

68215. The monetary currency of Greece is called (prior to Jan 1, 2002).

68216. The main examples of Rabi crop are

68217. The modern theory of plate tectonics states

68218. The mean distance of the earth from the sun is approximately

68219. The major control over the form of the developing slope is exerted by

68220. The middle latitude extends between

68221. The major graphite producing country is

68222. The maximum soil fertility occurs in the pH range of

68223. The mica belt of the Himalayas, the major part of it is situated in

68224. The most well known member of halick group is

68225. The mountains that separate European and Arctic Russia are

68226. The main properties of cosmic ray particles are

68227. The model that describes how various geological processes create, modify and influence rock is called

68228. The magnetic field generated due to magnetic storm is directed in the ____ direction to the earth's main field.

68229. The main factor determining a region's climate is

68230. The moon orbits the earth at a mean distance approximately

68231. The mean radius of the earth is approximately

68232. Which of the following is a warm current?

68233. The major countries of central America are

68234. The main producers of free gas are

68235. The major pedogenic process acting on soils at the macro scale are

68236. The minerals resources of north-eastern zone include

68237. The moon

68238. The moon's volume is about ____ that of earth.

68239. The magnetic field of earth, Magnetosphere expands to about

68240. The ministry of Water Resources lays down policies and programmes for the development and regulation of the country's water resources. It covers

68241. The main crops of kharif are

68242. In Census 2011 the percentage of Urban Population in India is:

68243. The longest epoch of the tertiary period is

68244. The main watershed of most of the peninsular river lies in the

68245. The longest day (shortest night) in the southern hemisphere is

68246. The most obvious effect of pressure on rocks is

68247. The longest era of the classification of the history of earth is

68248. The main objective of centrally sponsored Command Area Development programme is

68249. The minimum values of annual receipts of solar radiation occur at

68250. The pedogenic process associated with poor drainage and which involves the accumulation of organic matter in the upper layers of the soil is called

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