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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1365

68251. The rock formations that cannot store groundwater are called

68252. The planet that takes the highest time for completing a rotation is

68253. The Penumbra is

68254. The river situated along the border between the USA and Mexico is

68255. The process of capture of precipitation by the plant canopy and its subsequent return to the atmosphere is called

68256. The oldest rocks found in ocean basins are ____ than the oldest continental rocks.

68257. The period of daylight

68258. The process of weathering results into

68259. The part of continental margin that is structurally a part of continent?

68260. The original landmass, pangola split into

68261. The R-horizon of soil horizon consists of

68262. The propagation of radio signals is greatly influence by

68263. The pyramidal peaks that form when several cirques chisel a mountain form three more sides are called

68264. The process that involves the eroded material being dissolved and carried along in water as individual ions is called

68265. The relative abundance of dissolved salts in seawater in descending order is as follows

68266. The planets with no natural satellites (reported so far) are

68267. The percentage of the incident radiation reflected back to space is called

68268. The plants of which of the following crops are highly sensitive to frost?

68269. The religion of Afghanistan is

68270. The region that has a typical dispersed rural settlement pattern is the

68271. The reaction between compounds and oxygen is called

68272. The percentage of sun's radiation reflected back into space is about

68273. The progressive wave theory regarding of tides was put forth by

68274. The original founders of Common wealth of Independent States, in December 1991, are

68275. The Pyrenees mountains are located on the border between ____ and ____

68276. The process of evaporation of water in nature is one of the basic components of the hydrological cycle. The other process that is considered to be essential for the completion of hydrological cycle is the

68277. The ocean water is saline due to

68278. The platform and the basement rock together form

68279. The process that explains the recent changes in the height of sea level in coastal areas of eastern and northern Canada and Scandinavi is

68280. The planet with the maximum number of natural satellites (moons), so far discovered is

68281. The river Jordan drains into the

68282. The ratio of land to ocean in the southern hemisphere is

68283. The Arab conquest of Sind took place in 712A.D. under the leadership of?

68284. The polar diameter is ____ to the equatorial diameter.

68285. The process that directs precipitation down plant branches and stems is called

68286. The region of three W's that is wheat, wool and wine is

68287. The process that creates a sub layer, which is white to gray in colour and composes of silica sand in the A horizon is called

68288. The ratio of the weight of water vapour to the total weight of air (including the water vapor) is called

68289. The polar Easterlies lie at

68290. The phenomenon of an opening occurring in the earth's surface through which a jet of hot water and steam is forces out at irregular intervals is called

68291. The northern hemisphere and the southern hemisphere are separated by

68292. The process of soil development is called

68293. The phosphate are a group of minerals of one or more metallic elements chemically associated with the phosphate compound ____

68294. The panama canal links

68295. The Rhine river of northern Europe empties into

68296. The place where material is excavated when the zone of maximum stream velocity approaches the stream's bed is called

68297. The planets called the inner planets, are

68298. The periodic rise and fall of the sea level on the earth, gives rise to tides. This is related to

68299. The planets that are called superior planets are

68300. The phenomenon associated with collision and subduction of the planet is

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