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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1408

70401. The two kinds of piston rings are

70402. The maximum torque multiplication ratio in a torque converter is about

70403. The sequence in which the force is transmitted through a brake system when the brake pedal is depressed is

70404. You can use the.......bar to type a URL and display a web page, or type a keyword to display a list of related web pages?

70405. The last district formed in kerala was?

70406. The heat transfer from coolant to air in the radiator of an automobile engine takes place by

70407. The purpose of a thermostat in an engine cooling system is to

70408. The basic characteristics of a brake fluid is

70409. The petrol engine works on

70410. The gradient resistance to a vehicle having a mass of 980 kg moving on an incline of 10° is

70411. The reconditioning process used to give cylinder bore surfaces a cross-hatch pattern, is known as

70412. The function of a radiator fan in the cooling system is that

70413. During the period of the Renaissance, new styles of architecture first developed in .........?

70414. Jaggery, a source of sugar, is a liquid obtained from the developing flower bud of?

70415. Instead of valves, the ports are used in case of

70416. The starting system includes

70417. The purpose of adding pigment to the paint is that it

70418. A laminated glass upon cracking

70419. In a four speed four-stroke Diesel engine, the intake valve

70420. When the top of the wheel is tilted outward, then it is called

70421. The purpose of transmission in an automobile is

70422. A basic difference between the spark ignition engine and the Diesel engine is that the

70423. The cam shaft in an engine is always mounted

70424. Caster is a

70425. A front stabilizer bar is used to

70426. ‘Ramnadh Goyanka Award’ is related to which field?

70427. When indicated power (I.P.) and frictional power (F.P.) are known, we can calculate

70428. A battery can be charged by

70429. Which among the following have the most prize amount?

70430. The order in which effort applied to the steering wheel is transferred to the front wheel is

70431. One Fathom = ............feet?

70432. An oil filter bypass valve opens when the

70433. The hero of the American war of Independence was?

70434. The main characteristics of a maintenance-free (MF) battery is that

70435. The most accurate ignition system of a spark ignition engine is

70436. The main function of a resonator is that it

70437. Who was advisor to the constituent assembly?

70438. The fuel pump of a programmed fuel injection (PFI) system operate for two seconds when the ignition is turned to the start position to

70439. In which of the following conditions, the idle CO percentage should be measured with the vehicle ?

70440. The mechanical efficiency (ηm) of an I.C. engine is equal to (where I.P. = Indicated power, B.P. = Brake power and F.P. = Frictional power)

70441. The lower cylindrical portion of the piston which improves piston cooling performance is called

70442. The most effective method of controlling S.I. engine exhaust emission is by

70443. The power actually developed inside the engine cylinder is called as

70444. When cornering, the differential generates a difference in the speed of the left and right wheels.

70445. If clearance volume of I.C. engines is increased, the compression ratio will

70446. The basic function of the suspension is to

70447. Damper in an automobile is used to

70448. The combustion process in a Diesel engine is a

70449. The damper fluid leakage typically occur from

70450. The compression ratio of a petrol engine is nearly

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