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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1409

70451. The rigid suspension is beneficial when

70452. The tyre rotation is generally done at

70453. The function of a proportioning control valve (PCV) in a brake system is to

70454. An under-inflated tyre will wear the tread most

70455. Which animal produces the biggest baby?

70456. Two general types of tyres are

70457. The discharged lead-acid battery has on its plates

70458. During suction stroke, the inside pressure of cylinder is

70459. The function of an oil control orifice is that it

70460. The advantage of having a tandem master cylinder arrangement in automobiles is that it

70461. In petrol engines, during suction stroke, __________ is drawn in the cylinder

70462. The moon as well as the stars ..........?

70463. Which of the following parameter can be adjusted by modifying the tie-rod attachment length ?

70464. The main feature of MacPherson strut suspension is that

70465. The lubrication oil flow in an engine is in the order as

70466. A three way catalytic converter

70467. The PCV valve incorporates a spring loaded plunger and opens in proportion to the level of vacuum pressure in the intake manifold.

70468. The motion of the cam is transferred to the rocker arm, moving it upwards and downwards. This rocker-arm motion then forces the valve downwards against the force in the valve spring so that the valve can open.

70469. The fuel pump in the programmed fuel injection (PFI) system is located

70470. The camshaft of a four stroke Diesel engine running at 1000 rpm will run at

70471. The main merit of a multi-cylinder type cylinder sleeve is

70472. The materials used for cylinder block are

70473. The positive plates of a lead acid battery has

70474. The path taken by intake air is

70475. The basic purpose of tyre rotation on automobiles is to

70476. Which of the following is not an automobile ?

70477. Which is considered as the National Game of India?

70478. The ignition in a spark ignition engine takes place when the piston is

70479. The camshaft is driven by the crankshaft via the timing belt.

70480. The engine oil is stored in __________ when the engine is not running.

70481. The most commonly used power plant in automobiles is

70482. The condition that results in large quantities of CO emission is

70483. In comparison with a radial tyre, one advantage of a bias-ply tyre is

70484. The sequence order of events in a four-stroke engine is

70485. Which of the following is not a part of the chassis ?

70486. Constitutional amendment of the Indian Constitution is taken from the Constitution of?

70487. The opposite of jovial is?

70488. The engine torque increases with the increase in engine speed up to a certain point after which it starts to fall down.

70489. It is natural ......... man to make mistakes.?

70490. The material generally used for cylinder sleeves is

70491. When turning a corner,

70492. The acid used in automobile battery is

70493. The rolling resistance is because of the friction between the

70494. The Diesel engine works on

70495. The Second Battle of Panipat was fought between?

70496. Which of the following archaeologists initially discovered Lothal site of Indus Valley Civilization?

70497. When the piston is at T.D.C, the volume above the piston in the combustion chamber is the

70498. The South West Monsoon normally reaches Kerala in .......?

70499. The capital of Arunachal Pradesh?

70500. The first discourse of Buddha at Deer Park in Sarnath is called?

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