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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1410

70501. When the engine speed increases, the ignition timing must be advanced.

70502. The main cause for the change in engine oil viscosity is

70503. The problems caused by the wheel imbalance are

70504. The connecting rod lower end is connected to the relevant __________ of crankshaft.

70505. An assembler is used to translate a program written in..........?

70506. The forced-fed lubrication system means that the oil is delivered to the engine by

70507. The connecting rod connects the piston and the

70508. Valve overlap is the number of degrees of camshaft rotation during which

70509. The engine's idling speed will increase by a slight degree immediately after a cold engine has been started. It will drop as the engine warms up. and it will eventually reach the standard level.

70510. The component that is responsible for converting the rotation of the steering wheel into lateral motion is the

70511. The crankcase dilution means

70512. In which one of the following cases is the President of India not bound by the aid and advice of the Union Council of Ministers?

70513. The indicated power of a four-stroke engine (in watts) is equal to (where P = Mean effective pressure in N/m2, L = Length of stroke in metres, A = Cross-sectional area of the piston in m2, and N = Speed of the engine in revolutions per second (r.p.s))

70514. India’s oldest football tournament?

70515. The basic part of the engine, to which the other engine parts are attached or assembled is the

70516. Which of the following bulb in a car will have the least wattage ?

70517. Which is the second most valuable Civilian Award in India?

70518. She has always had .........- distrust of strangers.?

70519. The Diesel engines are also known as

70520. The specific gravity of acid in a fully charged battery is generally

70521. The brake pedal during ABS operation

70522. The gear shift lever requires two separate motions to shift gears, and the first movement

70523. Two speed reverse gear arrangement is generally provided in case of

70524. Pushkas award is given by FIFA to which of the following item?

70525. Who is the writer of ‘Govardhanante Yathrakal’?

70526. Odometer is an instrument used for measurement of

70527. A heat treated glass generally used in automobiles bursts into __________ upon cracking,

70528. The compression ratio in Diesel engines is less than the petrol engine.

70529. The Konkan railway has been constructed between:?

70530. The negative terminal post on the top of a battery is

70531. In a single dry plate clutch, torsional vibrations are absorbed by

70532. In a four wheel drive (4WD), the number of gear boxes are

70533. How many cells are used in a 12 volt car battery ?

70534. In an engine, the temperature of the piston will be more at the

70535. An over-inflated tyre will wear the tread most near the

70536. Cushioning springs in clutch plate reduces

70537. In a four stroke engine for each crankshaft revolution, the camshaft revolves

70538. If a tyre is designated as 175/65 R14 82 S, then the aspect ratio for the tyre is

70539. Kuchipudi originated in:?

70540. Toe-in ensures parallel rolling of the wheel thus stabilizing steering in addition to preventing both sides slipping and excessive tyre wear.

70541. The valve tappet clearance is measured by

70542. The basic purpose of tyres is to

70543. The specific gravity of petrol is about

70544. The clutch is located between the transmission and the

70545. Which one of the following statement correctly describe the construction of a bevel-gear type differential?

70546. The brake warning light warns the driver of

70547. Which one of the following is a doctrine said to have been added by Mahavira to the four other doctrines propounded by previous teachers?

70548. In Diesel engines, during suction stroke, __________ is drawn in the cylinder.

70549. The formula for Iso-octane is

70550. The crankshaft of a typical in-line four cylinder engine has __________ balance weights.

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