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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1437

71851. A jet of water enters and leaves a fixed curved vane tangentially. The force of jet along perpendicular to the vane is zero.

71852. In a mixed flow centrifugal pump, the flow through the impeller is a combination of radial and axial flows.

71853. A Pelton wheel is

71854. Power required to drive a centrifugal pump is __________ proportional to N3.

71855. Which Secretion secreted by pineal gland?

71856. Akbar’s Mausoleum is situated at?

71857. A Pelton wheel develops 1750 kW under a head of 100 metres while running at 200 r.p.m. and discharging 2500 litres of water per second. The unit discharge of wheel is

71858. Delivery head of a centrifugal pump is

71859. Slip of a reciprocating pump is negative, when

71860. Which of the following is not an impulse turbine?

71861. A hydraulic accumulator is a device used to store __________ energy which may be supplied to a machine later on.

71862. The Furneyron turbine is __________ reaction turbine.

71863. The discharge through a turbine is

71864. Which of the following pump is sucessfully used for lifting water to the boilers?

71865. The efficiency of a reaction turbine for a given head __________ with the increase in speed.

71866. In an impulse turbine, the pressure of water both at entering and leaving the vanes, is atmospheric.

71867. Which of the following pump is successfully used for lifting water from deep wells?

71868. The Thomson's turbine is __________ reaction turbine.

71869. Manometric head is the actual head of water against which a centrifugal pump has to work.

71870. The hydraulic efficiency of an impulse turbine is the

71871. The overall efficiency for a Pelton wheel lies between

71872. Which of the following statement is wrong ?

71873. Which of the following statement is correct as regard to water wheels?

71874. How many languages are used on a ten rupee note?

71875. Braking jet in an impulse turbine is used

71876. Who has been honoured with the first Hridayanath award?

71877. Head developed by a centrifugal pump is

71878. The ratio of the normal force of jet of water on a plate inclined at an angle of 30° as compared to that when the plate is normal to jet, is

71879. A reciprocating pump is also called a __________ displacement pump.

71880. The head available at the inlet of the turbine is known as net or effective head.

71881. In an axial flow reaction turbine, the water flows __________ to the axis of the wheel.

71882. The air vessel, in a reciprocating pump, is a cast iron closed chamber having an opening at its base.

71883. A double overhung Pelton wheel has

71884. Which feature is not present in an amoeba?

71885. Which of the following hydraulic unit is used for transmitting increased or decreased torque to the driven shaft?

71886. He dares to face him ,.........?

71887. In a reaction turbine, the water enters the wheel under pressure and flows over the vanes.

71888. If the ratio of all the corresponding linear dimensions are equal, then the model and the prototype are said to have

71889. The undershot water wheels are those in which

71890. A turbine is required to develop 1500 kW at 300 r.p.m. under a head of 150 m. Which of the following turbine should be used ?

71891. Which of the following pump is suitable for small discharge and high heads?

71892. The gross or total head of the turbine is the __________ of the water levels at the head race and tail race.

71893. The specific speed of a centrifugal pump may be defined as the speed of an imaginary pump, identical with the given pump, which will discharge one litre of water, while it is being raised through a head of one metre.

71894. In an outward flow reaction turbine

71895. A hydraulic press is a device used

71896. The flow ratio in case of Francis turbine varies from

71897. Which of the following turbine is preferred for a specific speed of 60 to 300 r.p.m.?

71898. Which day is observed as Commenwealth Day?

71899. The function of guide vanes in a reaction turbine is to

71900. Which of the following statement is correct ?

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