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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1438

71901. If the ratio of corresponding velocities at corresponding points are equal, then the model and the prototype are said to have dynamic similarity.

71902. The jet ratio is defined as the ratio of the

71903. Mechanical efficiency of a centrifugal pump is the ratio of

71904. The cavitation in a hydraulic machine is mainly due to

71905. In a centrifugal pump, the regulating valve is provided on the

71906. A Francis turbine is an outward flow reaction turbine.

71907. The specific speed of a turbine is the speed of an imaginary turbine, identical with the given turbine, which

71908. The runaway speed of a hydraulic turbine is the speed

71909. The cavitation in a hydraulic machine

71910. The type of centrifugal pump preferred for a specific speed of 20 r.p.m. is

71911. If the net positive suction head (NPSH) requirement for the pump is not satisfied, then

71912. A turbine develops 10000 kW under a head of 25 metres at 135 r.p.m. Its specific speed is

71913. The power of a centrifugal pump working under constant head and discharge increases with the speed.

71914. Which of the following pump is successfully used for lifting water to the turbines?

71915. Which of the following is not a reaction turbine?

71916. A jet of water is striking at the centre of a curved vane moving with a uniform velocity in the direction of jet. For the maximum efficiency, the vane velocity is __________ of the jet velocity

71917. The width of the bucket for a Pelton wheel is generally __________ the diameter of jet.

71918. For 450 m head of water, __________ shallbeused.

71919. The action of a centrifugal pump is that of a reversed reaction turbine.

71920. The centrifugal pump preferred for a specific speed between 80 to 160 r.p.m. is

71921. The speed ratio in case of Francis turbine varies from

71922. A Kaplan turbine is preferred for a specific speed of 300 to 1000 r.p.m.

71923. Power required to drive a centrifugal pump is directly proportional to __________ of its impeller.

71924. The mechanical efficiency of an impulse turbine is

71925. The overshot water wheels are those in which the wheel runs entirely by the __________ of water.

71926. In a Kaplan turbine runner, the number of blades are generally between

71927. If Hg is the gross or total head and hf is the head lost due to friction, then net or effective head (H) is given by

71928. The discharge over a right angled notch is (where H = Height of liquid above the apex of notch)

71929. A weir is said to be broad crested weir, if the width of the crest of the weir is __________ half the height of water above the weir crest.

71930. A vertical wall is subjected to a pressure due to one kind of liquid, on one of its sides. The total pressure on the wall per unit length is (where w = Specific weight of liquid, and H = Height of liquid)

71931. An error of 1% in measuring head over the apex of the notch (H) will produce an error of __________ in discharge over a triangular notch.

71932. Coefficient of contraction is the ratio of

71933. In a free nappe,

71934. The Reynold's number of a ship is __________ to its velocity and length.

71935. When a tube of smaller diameter is dipped in water, the water rises in the tube due to viscosity of water.

71936. According to equation of continuity,

71937. Coefficient of resistance is the ratio of

71938. Euler's equation in the differential form for the motion of liquids is given by

71939. In order to measure the flow with a venturimeter, it is installed in

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