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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1442

72101. The liquid used in manometers should have

72102. The viscosity of a liquid __________ its rate of flow through a hole in a vessel.

72103. The formula for discharge over a sharp-crested weir and Ogee weir is same as that of a rectangular weir

72104. The Cippoletti weir is a __________ weir.

72105. When a body is placed over a liquid, it will float if

72106. Gauge pressure at a point is equal to the absolute pressure __________ the atmospheric pressure.

72107. The pressure of a liquid measured with the help of a piezometer tube is

72108. The hydraulic gradient line lies over the centre line of the pipe by an amount equal to the

72109. The flow in a pipe or channel is said to be non-uniform when

72110. Who among the following is the first Indian to win the Hoover prize?

72111. A flow whose streamline is represented by a straight line, is called __________ dimensional flow.

72112. The velocity at which the flow changes from laminar flow to turbulent flow is called

72113. The discharge through a channel of trapezoidal section is maximum when

72114. The vacuum pressure is always the negative gauge pressure.

72115. The value of coefficient of discharge is __________ the value of coefficient of velocity.

72116. When the water level on the downstream side of a weir is above the top surface of a weir, the weir is known as

72117. Reynold's number is the ratio of the inertia force to the

72118. A uniform body 3 m long, 2 m wide and 1 m deep floats in water. If the depth of immersion is 0.6 m, then the weight of the body is

72119. A weir is said to be narrow-crested weir, if the width of the crest of the weir is __________ half the height of water above the weir crest.

72120. The total pressure on an immersed surface inclined at an angle θ with the liquid surface is

72121. Turbulent flow takes place at high velocities.

72122. When a plate is immersed in a liquid parallel to the flow, it will be subjected to a pressure __________ that if the same plate is immersed perpendicular to the flow.

72123. The hydraulic mean depth for a circular pipe of diameter (d) is

72124. The tangential velocity of the water element having a free vortex is

72125. The unit of kinematic viscosity in S. I. units is

72126. A fluid whose viscosity does not change with the rate of deformation or shear strain is known as

72127. The variation in the volume of a liquid with the variation of pressure is called its

72128. The pressure measured with the help of a pressure gauge is called

72129. A venturiflume is used to measure

72130. The line of action of the force of buoyancy acts through the centre of gravity of the volume of the liquid displaced.

72131. The metacentric height is the distance between the

72132. ‘Reflections on the French revolution’ has been written by?

72133. An internal mouthpiece is said to be running free if the length of the mouthpiece is __________ the diameter of the orifice.

72134. The discharge over a rectangular notch is

72135. The volume of a fluid __________ as the pressure increases.

72136. The pressure of the liquid flowing through the divergent portion of a venturimeter

72137. The vacuum pressure can be measured with the help of a piezometer tube.

72138. A jet of water discharging from a 40 mm diameter orifice has a diameter of 32 mm at its vena contracta. The coefficient of contraction is

72139. Who was known as the Kerala Simham?

72140. A vertical wall is subjected to a pressure due to one kind of liquid, on one of its sides. Which of the following statement is correct?

72141. Water is a __________ fluid.

72142. The celerity (velocity) of a pressure wave in a fluid is given by (where K = Bulk modulus, and ρ = Density of the fluid)

72143. The pressure intensity in kN/m2 (or kPa) at any point in a liquid is (where w = Specific weight of liquid, and h = Depth of liquid from the surface)

72144. The hydraulic gradient line is always parallel to the centre line of the pipe.

72145. Barometer is used to measure

72146. A closed tank is completely filled with an oil. If it is made to move with a horizontal acceleration, then the pressure at the back end will be more than that at the front end.

72147. The mass of 2.5 m3 of a certain liquid is 2 tonnes. Its mass density is

72148. The dynamic viscosity of the liquid __________ with rise in temperature.

72149. When a vertical wall is subjected to pressures due to liquid on both sides, the resultant pressure is the __________ of the two pressures.

72150. The increase in pressure at the outer edge of a drum of radius (r) completely filled up with liquid of density (ρ) and rotating at (ω) rad/s is

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