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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1443

72151. When the Mach number is between __________ the flow is called super-sonic flow.

72152. The property of a liquid which controls its rate of flow is called viscosity.

72153. The kinematic viscosity of an oil (in stokes) whose specific gravity is 0.95 and viscosity 0.011 poise, is

72154. The factional resistance of a pipe varies approximately with __________ of the liquid.

72155. If the coefficient of discharge is 0.6, then the discharge over a right angled notch is

72156. According to Bazin, the coefficient of discharge varies with the height of water over the sill of a weir.

72157. The first tribal gramapanchayat in Kerala?

72158. The product of mass and accelaration of flowing liquid is called

72159. The discharge through a wholly drowned orifice is given by (where H1 = Height of water (on the upstream side) above the top of the orifice, H2 = Height of water (on the downstream side) above the bottom of the orifice, and H = Difference between two water levels on either side of the orifice)

72160. If the value of coefficient of discharge increases, the discharge through the orifice decreases.

72161. A point, in a compressible flow where the velocity of fluid is zero, is called

72162. Falling drops of water become spheres due to the property of

72163. The D-Alembert's principle is used for changing the dynamic equilibrium of a fluid mass, into a static equilibrium.

72164. Whenever a plate is held immersed at some angle with the direction of flow of the liquid, it is subjected to some pressure. The component of this pressure, in the direction of flow of the liquid, is known as

72165. The height of a water column equivalent to a pressure of 0.15 MPa is

72166. The total energy of a liquid particle in motion is equal to

72167. The power transmitted through the nozzle is maximum when the head lost due to friction in the pipe is __________ of the total supply head.

72168. In case of flow through parallel pipes,

72169. The flow at critical depth in an open channel is called torrential flow.

72170. The first Chief Minister of Kerala was .....?

72171. Coefficient of velocity is defined as the ratio of

72172. A differential manometer is used to measure

72173. The metacentric height of a ship is 0.6 m and the radius of gyration is 4 m. The time of rolling of a ship is

72174. The point at which the resultant pressure on an immersed surface acts, is known as

72175. In the case of resignation, a member of Lok sabha must submit his resignation to?

72176. Rohan Bopanna and Aisam-ul-Haq Qureshi have won their first ever ATP Master in .........?

72177. A notch is used to measure __________ of liquids.

72178. A flow is called sonic, if the Mach number is unity.

72179. An error of 1% in measuring head over the crest of the notch (H) will produce an error of __________ in discharge over a triangular notch,

72180. A flow through a long pipe at decreasing rate is called __________ uniform flow.

72181. The surface tension of mercury at normal temperature is __________ that of water.

72182. The property of a liquid which enables it to resist tensile stress is called its surface tension.

72183. The magnitude of water hammer depends upon the

72184. The discharge over the trapezoidal notch is equal to the discharge over the rectangular notch __________ the discharge over the triangular notch.

72185. The dynamic viscosity of gases __________ with rise in temperature.

72186. A flow in which the quantity of liquid flowing per second is constant, is called __________ flow.

72187. The coefficient of venturifiume, generally, lies between

72188. Venturimeter is used to

72189. A hemispherical tank of radius (R) containing liquid upto height (H1) has an orifice of cross-sectional area (a) at its bottom. The time required to lower the level of liquid from (H1) to (H2) will be

72190. A flow is called super-sonic if the

72191. The force present in a moving liquid is

72192. The most efficient section of a channel is

72193. Tagore visited Guru in?

72194. The ratio of the inertia force to the elastic force is called

72195. An opening in the side of a tank or vessel such that the liquid surface with the tank is below the top edge of the opening, is called

72196. If Raja has money, he ......... it.?

72197. The velocity of the liquid flowing through the divergent portion of a venturimeter

72198. In a broad-crested weir, the discharge is maximum if the head of water on the downstream side of weir is __________ the head of water on the upstream side of weir.

72199. Bernoulli's equation is applied to

72200. A fluid having no viscosity is known as

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