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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1514

75701. Which algal division is divided up into three main groups consisting of the golden-brown algae, the yellow-green algae and the diatoms?

75702. In Devadasan Vs. Union of India (1964) Supreme Court declared the ‘carry forward’ Rule ultravires The statement is?

75703. Provide suitable prepositions. He was deprived ......... his titles .?

75704. First mid-term election were held in?

75705. Which is the function of the white blood corpuscles?

75706. A demand curve for commodity is usually drawn on the assumption that?

75707. Which of the following theory of antibody production is most widely accepted?

75708. Which is the most efficient complement fixing class of antibody?

75709. The class of immunoglobulin, most abundant in body is

75710. Which is not a function of IgG?

75711. J chain is present in

75712. Heat-labile class of immunoglobulins include

75713. Which of the following (s) is/are function (s) of Fc fragment of IgG?

75714. Which of the following is the phylogenetically oldest immunoglobulin?

75715. The secretary component of sIgA is

75716. Anti-Rh antibodies are

75717. Which is not a function of IgA?

75718. The class of immunoglobulins which can cross the placenta is

75719. Self reactive antibodies are not found in significant concentration in normal serum because

75720. Simulation of which of the following will lead to appearance of first antibody to appear following stimulation by an antigen?

75721. Antigen binding sites of an immunoglobulin are located in

75722. Which of the following mediates Type I hypersensitivity reaction?

75723. Sound waves cannot travel through?

75724. Galileo Galilei was an ......... scientist.?

75725. Bangladesh was formerly known as?

75726. Edible part of Cauliflower?

75727. First Registered Library in Kerala?

75728. Ring test is used for

75729. Precipitation reaction can be converted into agglutination reaction by coating soluble antigen onto

75730. Commercially available ELISA kits are used for the detection of

75731. Monoclonal antibody production requires

75732. Quellung reaction is used for typing of

75733. Fluorescent treponemal antibody test is an example of

75734. Counter-immunoelectrophoresis is used for the detection of

75735. The test (s) based on the principle of toxin neutralization is/are

75736. Slide agglutination reaction is/are useful for the identification of the culture(s) of

75737. Amount of various immunoglobulin classes can be measured by

75738. VDRL test is an example of

75739. Weil-Felix reaction is based on sharing of antigens between

75740. Agglutination reaction is more sensitive than precipitation for the detection of

75741. Precipitation reaction is relatively less sensitive for the detection of

75742. In which of the following case a large lattice is formed?

75743. Which of the following is a military allaince?

75744. Itanagar is the capital of?

75745. Which of the following is the correct chronological order of the Slave Dynastry rulers?

75746. Quick lime is a

75747. A good quality cement should have higher percentage of:

75748. Chemotherapeutic agents must

75749. Novobiocin can be used against

75750. Interference mechanism of ciprofloxacin and norfloxacin is due to their action on

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