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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1534

76701. During the carboxylation phase of the Calvin cycle, CO2 combines with

76702. Which of the following groups contain(s) many unique coenzymes, such as coenzyme M and coenzyme F420?

76703. In the passive diffusion, solute molecules cross the membrane as a result of

76704. In an oxygenic photosynthesis, the green and the purple bacteria do not use which of the following one as an electron source?

76705. Radioisotopes are frequently used in the study of cells. Assume a culture of E. coli is grown in a culture medium containing radioactive phosphorous. At the end of 48 hours, it is expected to find the radioactive label located in

76706. Gases have?

76707. Select the one which best expresses the same sentence in passive voice: I know him?

76708. The progressive street-play writer and actor who was murdered by reactionary forces in Delhi was .........?

76709. Plants take oxygen for?

76710. Who was the founder of the Nanda dynasty?

76711. The type of recombination that commonly occurs between a pair of homologous DNA sequences is,

76712. Which of the following statement describes plasmids?

76713. In lysogeny,

76714. A microarray differs from a gene fusion in that, it

76715. Who discovered transposons (jumping genes)?

76716. Which type of plasmid can exist with or without being integrated into the host's chromosome?

76717. The main difference between a self-transmissible and a mobilizable plasmid is that the self-transmissible plasmid

76718. Which of the following is the cause for drug resistance in tuberculosis?

76719. The transposase gene encodes an enzyme that facilitate

76720. The term used for plasmids possessing both RTF and r determinants is

76721. Diagnostic DNA probes have been developed for

76722. Which of the following statement(s) is/are true in regards to F+ x F- mating events?

76723. Which of the following type of recombination does not require homologous sequences and is important for the integration of viral genomes into bacterial chromosomes?

76724. What information can be generated by interrupted mating experiments?

76725. Which of the following transport bacterial DNA to other bacteria via bacteriophages?

76726. When composite transposons are formed

76727. Which of the following plamids do not possess information for self transfer to another cell?

76728. The term used for acquisition of naked DNA from its environment and its incorporation in their genome by a bacterium is

76729. What is term used for a bacterial cell that is able to take up naked DNA?

76730. Penicillin resistance in staphylococci is acquired due to

76731. The plasmid which makes the host more pathogenic is

76732. The expression of gene X (which has promoter Px) is to be monitored. A gene fusion construction for carrying this work will

76733. The transducing particles carry only specific portions of the bacterial genome in which of the following transduction?

76734. The correct term for the transfer of genetic material between bacteria in direct physical contact is

76735. Plasmid that carries genes encoding enzymes, which degrade substances such as aromatic compounds, pesticides or sugar are

76736. R factors involved in plant-microbe interactions are

76737. Which of the following is used by microbial genetisists as a tool?

76738. Which of the following type of recombination does not require homologous sequences and is utilized by mobile genetic elements that move about chromosomes?

76739. Which of the following term describes the relationship between a virus and host where no new viral particles are produced and the viral genome is replicated along with host chromosome?

76740. Inverted repeat sequences at each end and a gene encoding transposase is contained in which of the following transposable element?

76741. F factor plasmids play a major role in

76742. Which of the following genetic elements carry the genes required for integration into host chromosomes?

76743. The chromosomal genes, possessing fertility factor is known as

76744. Which of the following statement can describe horizontal transfer?

76745. The plasmid-mediated properties is/are

76746. In the extracellular medium, DNA-degrading enzymes would likely be to prevent transfer of DNA by

76747. What is the term used for a segment of DNA with one or more genes in the centre and the two ends carrying inverted repeat sequences of nucleotides?

76748. The plasmids can be eliminated from a cell by the process known as

76749. Recombination of virus genomes occurs

76750. Provide suitable prepositions: The car pulled ......... before the front door.?

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