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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1533

76651. The chlorophyll molecules used by eucaryotes and cyanobacteria absorb radiant energy in the____________portion(s) of the visible spectrum.

76652. In aerobic respiration, the terminal electron acceptor is

76653. Citrus fruit products should not be preserved in vessels of?

76654. The acquisition energy by glucose fermentation requires

76655. High energy transfer compounds are capable of

76656. Dolichol phosphate is

76657. The reactions of the cell that are carried out for capturing energy are called

76658. In establishing proton gradient for chemiosmotic ATP generation by aerobic respiration the terminal electron acceptor is

76659. If ΔG of a chemical reaction is positive in value and keq is less than 1 then the chemical reaction will

76660. The reaction, where small precursor molecules are assembled into larger organic molecules is referred as

76661. Which of the following nucleoside diphosphates is used most often in carbohydrate anabolism?

76662. DAHP synthetase catalyzes the condensation of

76663. Phosphate is considered to restrict the induction of

76664. Free energy change (ΔG) of a reaction is referred as the amount of energy

76665. Which of the following does not produce oxygen as a product of photosynthesis?

76666. When acetate is the sole source of carbon for some microorganisms, the cycle which is used, is called

76667. Hexose monophosphate pathway is also known as

76668. If radioactive bicarbonate was supplied to bacterial cells, which were actively synthesizing fatty acids, it is expected to find the bulk of the radioactivity in

76669. Standard free energy change (ΔG) can be expressed as

76670. The glyoxylate cycle is used by some microorganisms when___________ is the sole carbon source.

76671. Incorporation of atmospheric N2to NH4+ occurs via the process of

76672. The role of bacteriophyll in an oxygenic photosynthesis is to

76673. TCA cycle functions in

76674. Entner-Doudoroff pathway is found in

76675. Anoxygenic photosynthetic bacteria oxidize

76676. Which of the following(s) is/are the products of the light reactions of photosynthesis?

76677. Which of the following catalyze liberation of orthophosphate from organic P compounds and inorganic pyrophosphate ?

76678. For each glucose molecule broken down, there are______________number of reduced coenzymes to be oxidized.

76679. As the electron flow through the chains, much of their free energy is conserved in the form of ATP. This process is called

76680. Digestive reactions where large molecules are broken down into smaller ones are referred as

76681. Phosphate regulation has been observed in the production of

76682. Most of the energy in aerobic respiration of glucose is captured by

76683. During the reduction phase of the Calvin cycle, phosphoglyceric acid is reduced to______utilizing________as the reduction source.

76684. In order to get inorganic phosphorous into organic compounds, the phosphate ion is incorporated via

76685. The phosphate inhibition in the clavine formation with Claviceps SD58, can be counteracted by the addition of

76686. The major route for incorporation of ammonia (NH4+) into organic compounds is via

76687. The specific enzyme/(s) of the glyoxylate cycle is/are

76688. If ΔG of a chemical reaction has a negative value, the reaction

76689. The catabolic reaction, pentose-phosphate exists in

76690. Entner - Doudoroff pathway is not found in

76691. Aerobic catabolism of glucose yields how much energy (ATP synthesized) relative to glucose fermentation?

76692. The bacteriochlorophylls used by the anoxygenic bacteria have absorbance maxima located in the_____portion(s) of the spectrum.

76693. The relationship between an oxidation-reduction potential difference and the standard free energy change is (where n is the number of moles of electron transferred, F= Faraday's constant and E°= standard oxidation-reduction potential difference)

76694. ATPase

76695. Which of the following is responsible for phosphate solubilization?

76696. Phosphate deregulated mutants are

76697. The mechanism of passive or facilitated diffusion require

76698. Nitrogen fixation is a process that requires

76699. Bacteriochlorophyll differs from chlorophyll in what way?

76700. Radioisotopes are frequently used in the study of cells. Assume a culture of E. coli is grown in a culture medium containing radioactive sulphur. At the end of 48 hours, it is expected to find the radioactive label located in

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