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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1567

78351. Shorthand method of writing was invented by:

78352. One of the cricketer who is popularly known as’Rawalpindi Express’:

78353. Copa America Cup related to which games?

78354. Nethaji Subhash Chandra Bose National Institute of sports is situated in:

78355. Which chemical gas used in Syria for slaughtering people recently?

78356. Select the alternative in which the specified components of the key figure (X) are found.

78357. Who is considered as father Indology?

78358. Which year is known as Year of great divide’related to population growth of India?

78359. One of the navigator who is successfully completed circum navigation at first:

78360. The page setup that permits a document to be printed in a horizontal position

78361. This is a collection of document formatting options and content that is available when you create a new document

78362. The feature allows to type words in a paragraph continually without pressing the Enter key at the end of each line

78363. What fraction of an inch is a point?

78364. In a mail merge you must create the main document and ----------

78365. Find out how will the key figure (X) look like after rotation.

78366. The Start button is on the --------------

78367. You can take any word styles from word -----------

78368. -----------menu appears listing the names of all the open documents.

78369. Bharat Award is presented to the best?

78370. Both the left and the right margins to be straight and the spacing between words adjusted accordingly is --------alignment.

78371. Which feature is used to navigate through a long document with relative ease?

78372. When you type two capital letters at the beginning?

78373. We can see------------while right clicking on the empty space of the desk top

78374. In a ---------indent,marker is a down ward arrow

78375. The short cut for Redo the last action

78376. If a file is sorted into descending sequence,the last value:

78377. A------is a set of arrows located on the side of a text box

78378. A-----------is a vector graphics special purpose printer connects to a computer,usually used for high quality visuals,drafting and for CAD application

78379. Which option you adopt for vertically align the contents of the table cell?

78380. -----------action causes holding the mouse over an icon without clicking bring up a short explanation of the function of the icon

78381. ------------enable to make a choice from a number of options

78382. Book mark option can be taken from ---------menu

78383. To add a row at the end of a table,simply move to the last cell in the table and press:

78384. Which operation you will perform if you need to move a block of text?

78385. ----------reduces the size of the type within selected cells so the contents fit

78386. To set the first line of a paragraph in from the margin in a word processing document.

78387. The word processing utility to find synonym of a word:

78388. Choose the alternative which is closely resembles the mirror image of the given combination.

78389. ----------reveals the topics in the help files

78390. There are -----------most common ways to emphasise a letter

78391. ---------helps the carriage to move quickly from one point to a predetermined point

78392. Thumb wheels are also called------

78393. When we press the ----------upper case characters are produced

78394. Carriage rack tests on the top of-----------

78395. For producing bell sound at the end of a line ----------is used

78396. Ribbon position indicator can be adjusted in-------ways

78397. When we type with two coloured ribbon,sometimes both colours will appear in one letter known as:

78398. Carriage tension is also known as -------tension

78399. Which part helps to take paper from type writer without rotating cylinder?

78400. For adjusting the pressure of key levers --------is used

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