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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1568

78401. In Rocher mechanism,whuich one of the following is not included?

78402. The heel of the type bar pushes back the ------------causing step by step movement of Carriage

78403. Nickel parts should be cleaned with------

78404. Which part is not connected with the bell?

78405. We can see the machine number on the------------of the type writer.

78406. --------------helps to avoid overlapping of letters at the end of a line

78407. Which key board is known as ‘QWERTY’?

78408. Choose the correct mirror image of the given figure (X) from amongst the four alternatives.       (X)                 (1)          (2)         (3)         (4)

78409. aab–aa–bbb–aaa–bbba?

78410. Type faces filled with dust and ribbon ink is known as--------------

78411. Which finger is used to type the letter ‘V’?

78412. Choose the waves relevant to telecommunications

78413. Choose semiconductor from the following

78414. Use of chemicals for medical treatment of disease is called

78415. Carbohydrates are stored in human body as

78416. The main source of Solar energy is

78417. ’Trippadidhanam’of Marthanda Varma was in the year

78418. The Malayali Memorial of 1891 was organized under the leadership of

78419. Who organized literary association vidyaposhini?

78420. Who is the founder of Yogakshema Sabha?

78421. Who is the founder of Atmavidhya Sangam?

78422. One of the Tamilnadu social reform leader who arrived in Vaikkom during the course of Vaikkam Satyagraha?

78423. Who was the trustee of Guruvayur temple at the time of Guruvayur Sathyagraha?

78424. One of the tragic of Mappila Rebellion of 1921 is Wagon Tragedy,which happened in

78425. The President of India issued a proclamation,taking over the administration of Kerala State on July 31,1959 under the section------------of the constitution of India

78426. Who has written the autobiography ‘Ente Nattukadhakal’?

78427. Who is the author of ‘Kerala Pazhama’?

78428. Who is the author of ‘Duravastha’?

78429. Ashtapadi song recited in the Kerala temple is another form of

78430. Brahmananda Swami Sivayogi’s Sidhasrama is situated in

78431. The Legislative Council or Prajasabha in Travancore established in 1888 during the of

78432. ’Nirvachan Sadan’is the headquarters of:

78433. The Malayalam movie Celluloid was directed by:

78434. ’Sadhu Janaparipalana yogam’ was founded by:

78435. First totally literate district in India:

78436. Grand Trunk Road (GT Road)was built by :

78437. ’I have a dream’is the famous speech of:

78438. Subhash Chandra Bose was elected as the President of Congress by defeating:

78439. The Kurichiya Revolt of 1812 was led by:

78440. First Prime Minister in India who lost general election in 1977:

78441. ’Forward Bloc’was founded by:

78442. K.P.C was in -----------district.

78443. ’A Brief History of Time’ is written by:

78444. ’Neel Darpan’ is a Bengali play on the problems of:

78445. Lottery in Kerala was introduced by:

78446. Atom Bomb was used for the first time in:

78447. Choose a figure which would most closely resemble the unfolded form of Figure (Z).

78448. Gandhiji’s political Guru was:

78449. ”Savarna Jatha’ was related to:

78450. Who said ‘Back to Vedas’?

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