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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1570

78501. In Microsoft office 2007,the last row in an excel application window is:

78502. The short cut key for centre alignment is:

78503. Line space lever is also called:

78504. Typewriter space bar is pressed by:

78505. Shift lock is pressed by:

78506. The guide key in the typewriter is:

78507. Cylinder is also known as:

78508. The capital ‘L’is used for:

78509. Free Rolls are made by:

78510. Official letter is concluded by:

78511. Find out from amongst the four alternatives as to how the pattern would appear when the transparent sheet is folded at the dotted line.     (X)                     (1)                 (2)                 (3)                 (4)

78512. How many thumb wheels are seen on either end of carriage?

78513. Malayalam Key board was designed:

78514. Typewriter oil is used to all:

78515. After a full stop leave-------space

78516. The senders address must be typed in the envelop:

78517. Which key is pressed to get upper case character?

78518. At the end of government order should type:

78519. Operating lever is also called:

78520. Copies taken in the duplicator will fall on:

78521. ----------character keys are seen in a keyboard

78522. Way road and guide road seen in a typewriter:

78523. Ink is passed on the stencil through:

78524. All minimized windows is displayed on the --------bar.

78525. In which view Microsoft word express the document as it will appear in an internet browser?

78526. To exit from Microsoft Word application widow which key combination is used:

78527. In Microsoft Word ‘Drop Cap’is situated in ------menu.

78528. Which key is used for overwrite a character in a sentence?

78529. To insert the current date in a document the key combination used is:

78530. The ‘Open Office’is in connection with:

78531. To move the cursor towards the starting of a document,the key is used:

78532. Which number of function keys in a word document to perform its own function?

78533. Usually ----------is the minimum size of fond announced to edit text in Microsoft Wor

78534. A project requires an initial investment of Rs.8,00,000 with annual cash inflow of Rs.2,00,000 for five years.Its pay back period is:

78535. Assets sold by a fim in the capital marketto raise fund is called:

78536. Capital gearing refers to the relationship between equiy capital and:

78537. Profitability index is a method of:

78538. Working capital is also known as---------capital

78539. The method which recognize the time value of money by combining pay back with the net present value is:

78540. The funds invested in total current assets is termed as:

78541. The quality of management is not directly disclosed in the books of accounts because of:

78542. Amont withdrawnby the proprietor for personal use reduces both:

78543. Cost of equity share is influenced by:

78544. -----------represents minimum requirements for extending credit to a customer.

78545. The difference between the total present value of a stream of cash flow of a given rate of discout and the initial capital outlay is known as:

78546. According to -------------approach,the total value of the firm remains constant irrespective of the debt equity mix

78547. The arbitrage process is the operational justification of:

78548. ---------refers to that EBIT level at which EPS remains the same irrespective of the Debt-Equity mix

78549. In case of -----------factoring ,the factor assumes the risk of bad debts.

78550. In case of firms having r>k,the optimum dividend policy requires----------pay out ratio

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