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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1684

84201. In the series 2, 6, 18, 54, ...... what will be the 8th term ?

84202. 125,80,45,20,?

84203. The Kalahai Desert is located at:

84204. The development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs is called:

84205. Which gas increase in the atmosphere –is major cause to global warming?

84206. The Kyoto Protocol:

84207. The satellite,Astrosat launched by India for the study of:

84208. Statements: All the actors are girls. All the girls are beautiful. Conclusions: All the actors are beautiful. Some girls are actors.

84209. Statements: All the windows are doors. No door is a wall. Conclusions: Some windows are walls. No wall is a door.

84210. Statements: All cups are books. All books are shirts. Conclusions: Some cups are not shirts. Some shirts are cups.

84211. Statements: Some cows are crows. Some crows are elephants. Conclusions: Some cows are elephants. All crows are elephants.

84212. Statements: All the pencils are pens. All the pens are inks. Conclusions: All the pencils are inks. Some inks are pencils.

84213. Statements: Some dogs are bats. Some bats are cats. Conclusions: Some dogs are cats. Some cats are dogs.

84214. Statements: All the trucks are flies. Some scooters are flies. Conclusions: All the trucks are scooters. Some scooters are trucks.

84215. Statements: All buildings are chalks. No chalk is toffee. Conclusions: No building is toffee All chalks are buildings.

84216. Statements: All cars are cats. All fans are cats. Conclusions: All cars are fans. Some fans are cars.

84217. Statements: No door is dog. All the dogs are cats. Conclusions: No door is cat. No cat is door. Some cats are dogs. All the cats are dogs.

84218. Statements: All green are blue. All blue are white. Conclusions: Some blue are green. Some white are green. Some green are not white. All white are blue.

84219. Statements: All men are vertebrates. Some mammals are vertebrates. Conclusions: All men are mammals. All mammals are men. Some vertebrates are mammals. All vertebrates are men.

84220. Statements: All the phones are scales. All the scales are calculators. Conclusions: All the calculators are scales. All the phones are calculators All the scales are phones. Some calculators are phones.

84221. Statements: Some tables are T.V. Some T.V. are radios. Conclusions: Some tables are radios. Some radios are tables. All the radios are T.V. All the T.V. are tables.

84222. Statements: Some pens are books. Some books are pencils. Conclusions: Some pens are pencils. Some pencils are pens. All pencils are pens. All books are pens.

84223. Statements: All the goats are tigers. All the tigers are lions. Conclusions: All the goats are lions. All the lions are goats. Some lions are goats. Some tigers are goats.

84224. Statements: All the books are pencils. No pencil is eraser. Conclusions: All the pencils are books. Some erasers are books. No book is eraser. Some books are erasers.

84225. Statements: All the research scholars are psychologists. Some psychologists are scientists. Conclusions: All the research scholars are scientists. Some research scholars are scientists. Some scientists are psychologists. Some psychologists are research scholars.

84226. Statements: All the locks are keys. All the keys are bats. Some watches are bats. Conclusions: Some bats are locks. Some watches are keys. All the keys are locks.

84227. Statements: Some keys are staplers. Some staplers are stickers. All the stickers are pens. Conclusions: Some pens are staplers. Some stickers are keys. No sticker is key. Some staplers are keys.

84228. Statements: Some questions are answers. Some answers are writers. All the writers are poets. Conclusions: Some writers are answers. Some poets are questions. All the questions are poets. Some poets are answers.

84229. Statements: Some envelops are gums. Some gums are seals. Some seals are adhesives. Conclusions: Some envelopes are seals. Some gums are adhesives. Some adhesives are seals. Some adhesives are gums.

84230. Statements: All the papers are books. All the bags are books. Some purses are bags. Conclusions: Some papers are bags. Some books are papers. Some books are purses.

84231. How many litres of blood in a healthy person?

84232. Statements: All the books are papers. Some papers are journals. Some journals are calendars. Conclusions: Some journals are books. Some calendars are papers. Some books are journals. Some books are calendars.

84233. Statements: All the bottles are boxes. All the boxes are bags. Some bags are trays. Conclusions: Some bottles are trays. Some trays are boxes. All the bottles are bags. Some trays are bags.

84234. Statements: Some cars are jeeps. All the boxes are jeeps. All the pens are cars. Conclusions: Some cars are boxes. No pen is jeep. Some boxes are cars.

84235. Statements: Some actors are singers. All the singers are dancers. Conclusions: Some actors are dancers. No singer is actor.

84236. Statements: All the harmoniums are instruments. All the instruments are flutes. Conclusions: All the flutes are instruments. All the harmoniums are flutes.

84237. Statements: Some mangoes are yellow. Some tixo are mangoes. Conclusions: Some mangoes are green. Tixo is a yellow.

84238. Statements: Some ants are parrots. All the parrots are apples. Conclusions: All the apples are parrots. Some ants are apples.

84239. Statements: Some papers are pens. All the pencils are pens. Conclusions: Some pens are pencils. Some pens are papers.

84240. Who described the quantitative revolution in geography as”a radical transformation of the spirit and purpose of Geography”?

84241. A philosophical view that man is responsible for making his own nature:

84242. A sudden,aggressive and very heavy rainfall is called:

84243. The headquarter of Survey of India:

84244. Which method of data collection is called as ‘the Social Microscope’by Burgess?

84245. The Allhabad Pillar inscription is an important source of information about the reign of?

84246. The time duration of the game football is?

84247. Dynamo was invented by?

84248. The first city corporation in Kerala?

84249. Fill up the blanks from the choices given: He arrived ......... than I.?

84250. World’s first woman Prime Minister?

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