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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1685

84251. If ARID=32 then DEAR?

84252. The City of ......... is known as the “City of seven Hills”.?

84253. Who recast the original single Veda into four Vedas?

84254. A bus for Delhi leaves every 30 minutes from a busstand. An enquiry clerk told a passenger that the bus had already left ten minutes ago and the next bus will leave at 9.35 am. At what time did the enquiry clerk give this information to the passenger?

84255. Which organelle help in protein synthesis?

84256. Indian diet is usually deficient in?

84257. The element found on the surface of the moon?

84258. Which of the following ruler; expressed reluctance to ascend the throne when it was offered to him?

84259. Give suitable prepositions: These are the things I am ignorant ..........?

84260. Who succeeded Mother Teresa as the Superior-General of the missionaries of charity?

84261. Carcinogenic chemicals are expected to cause?

84262. For his unbounded generosity, who amongst the following Sultans was styled by all writers of the time as ‘lakh baksh’ or giver of lakhs?

84263. There’s someone ......... outside the window .?

84264. Jainism was divided into two sects known as?

84265. Where is the headquarters of International Agricultural Development Union?

84266. ‘Keralam Valarunnu’ is a famous book written by?

84267. There was no Five-Year Plan in India for 3 years during?

84268. Who was the editor of malayali?

84269. The legal rights granted to the citizens and divided into two groups namely:?

84270. Country known as Emerald Island:?

84271. Which among the following banks got ISO certificate first?

84272. The process of examining the collected raw data to detect its errors,omission and correction is called as:

84273. In the layout of research report,’acknowledgement’comes under:

84274. Pepsin is an enzyme helped in the digestion of

84275. EEG is a test for detecting diseases of

84276. The filament of an incandescent light bulb is made of

84277. Dermatitis is a disease affecting

84278. Deuteium is an isotope of

84279. Daltonism is

84280. In the following diagram the boys who are athletic and are disciplined are indicated by which number?

84281. In an organization of pollution control board, engineers are represented by a circle, legal experts by a square and environmentalist by a triangle. Who is most represented in the board as shown in the following figure ?

84282. In the following figure triangle represents 'girls', square players and circle-coach. Which part of the diagram represents the girls who are player but not coach?

84283. The diagram given below represents those students who play Cricket, Football and Kabaddi. Study the diagram and identify the students who play all the three games.

84284. In the figure given below, square represents doctors, triangle represents ladies and circle represents surgeon. By which letter the ladies who doctor and surgeon both are represented ?

84285. Study the diagram and identify the people who can speak only one language.

84286. In the given figure if Triangle represents healthy people, Square represents old persons and Circle represents men then What is the number of those men who are healthy but not old ?

84287. How many persons can speak English and Hindi both the languages only ?

84288. How many persons can speak Marathi and Telugu both ?

84289. How many persons can speak only English ?

84290. How many persons can speak English, Hindi and Telugu ?

84291. How many persons can speak all the languages ?

84292. How many persons who take tea and wine but not coffee ?

84293. How many persons are there who take both tea and coffee but not wine ?

84294. How many persons take wine ?

84295. How many persons are there who takes only coffee ?

84296. How many persons takes all the three ?

84297. How many doctors are neither artists nor players ?

84298. How many doctors are both players and artists ?

84299. How many artists are players ?

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