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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1730

86501. The Lion Safari Park in Kerala is situated at?

86502. The Kerala Kalamandalam was established in the year?

86503. National University of Advanced Legal Studies is at?

86504. Who amongst the following is NOT a famous sportsman?

86505. 'Galasa' programme is associated with?

86506. In which year 'Kudumbasree' programme was started?

86507. The Kerala villages selected by UNDP for local self tourism development?

86508. Viswanathan Anand is associated with:?

86509. Nuclides with the same atomic number, but different mass number are called?

86510. The techniques of estimating the age of the remains of a once living organisms?

86511. Solid carbon dioxide is known as?

86512. The disorder characterized by the absence of melanin?

86513. Thomas cup is associated with?

86514. The Ghana bird Sanctuary is loacted at?

86515. Pankaj Advani is associated with?

86516. Right to Education Act (RTA) has become a legally enforceable law from?

86517. The instrument used for measuring the density or relative density of liquids?

86518. Which day is observed as the World Cancer Day?

86519. Kirit Parikh Committee was set up to review?

86520. M.F.Hussain the famous Indian painter accepted the citizenship of?

86521. Oscar Award 2010 for the best actor was awarded to?

86522. The place known as 'Ground Zero' is in?

86523. Rajan ......... to the Gymnasium three times a week .?

86524. India's first female shooting champion to clinch gold at world shooting champlonshlp?

86525. The capital city of Chera Kings?

86526. Temple entry Proclamation Act of Travancore was in?

86527. The poem 'Gajendra Moksham Vanchippattu' was formulated by?

86528. Name the President of India who addressed the Kerala Assembly firstly?

86529. The length of the sea shore of Kerala is?

86530. Dalailama sought political asylum in India in?

86531. The 73th and 74th Amendment of the Constitution was about?

86532. Which Article exempts Jammu' and Kashmir from the category of ordinary states?

86533. Which organization was led by the 'Ten Principles'?

86534. ‘Drain of' wealth’ theory was propounded by?

86535. NH17connects?

86536. The Antyodaya Scheme was first started in?

86537. Central Tuber Crops Research institute is located at?

86538. The Revathi Pattathanam was conducted at the Taliyil temple in?

86539. In which river is the major irrigation project Pochampad Project is?

86540. In which state the 'Baiga' tribals are found?

86541. The plant disease' Green ear' affects which of the crops?

86542. The soil that can be found in Kottayam and Aleppey districts?

86543. The literary character ‘OROTHA’ is in the novel written?

86544. In which National Park the one horned rhinoceros are commonly found?

86545. The supreme authority for telecommunication in India is?

86546. In which state is the tourist destination 'Ghoom Monastry' located?

86547. In which year the National Human Rights Commission cameinto effect?

86548. Martin Luther is associated with .........?

86549. Who among tie following called himself as the ‘Second Alexander’?

86550. Name the state having no Scheduled Caste community?

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