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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1729

86451. Prabudha Bharat was a paper published in English by?

86452. Which of the following leaders died in the battle field in the Revolt of 1857?

86453. Based on the 1981-91 decennial growth rate of population, state with the highest and lowest growth rate are respectively?

86454. Which one of the following incident prompted Vinoba Bhaveto initiate the Boothan Movement?

86455. The poorest state with 9% people living below poverty line is?

86456. Which of the following is the largest man-made Lake in India?

86457. Which of the following state, have been nicknamed Garden Spices of India?

86458. Landsdowne is a hill station in?

86459. Who among the following launched Education Reform Movement among the Muslims in India?

86460. Regional committee aims at?

86461. The Chenna Kesava Temple is found in?

86462. In India a Special Ministry for Women and Social Welfare was formed at the centre in the year?

86463. The Article in the Constitution of India which provides for the appointment of a special officer for: Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes by the President of India is?

86464. Who was the Permanent Chairman of the Constituent Assembly?

86465. Article 164 of the Constitution of India provides for separate Ministers for Tribal Welfare in?

86466. The Sarkaria Commission was set up to review the relation between?

86467. One of the following members was not included in the Drafting Committee of the Indian Constitution?

86468. The provisions concerning the suspension of Fundamental Rights by the President during emergencies is borrowed from the?

86469. The 42nd Amendment extended the term of the Lok Sabhato?

86470. Who appoints the Municipal Commissioner of the Municipalities?

86471. The historic INA trial commenced in?

86472. In India there is a single constitution for the union and the state with the exception of?

86473. Who among the following has been appointed New Chairman of the National Commission for Farmers?

86474. A rift valley is formed mainly due to?

86475. The state in India which leads in the production of Cashew Kernels is?

86476. The Southernmost part of India is?

86477. The Kerala Institute of Local Administration is situated in which of the following districts?

86478. Puralimala is situated in?

86479. The biggest and smallest Taluk in Kerala state are respectively?

86480. Edakkal caves are in?

86481. The preamble of the Constitution was amended for the first time by which amendment?

86482. Who partnered Leander Paes to win the 2010 Wimbledon Mixed Doubles Crown?

86483. AADHAAR is the logo for what?

86484. Why was Jordan Ramero in the news recently?

86485. The position of the Vice President of India greatly resembles the position of the Vice President of which of the following countries?

86486. What is the name of the car recently launched in India by Nisan?

86487. According to the Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act, 2005, appeal can be made to the Sessions Court?

86488. According to the provisions of the Right to Information Act,2005 the amount of penalty for not providing information by public authorities amounts to?

86489. Declaration on the Elimination of Discrimination against, women was adopted by the General Assembly in the year?

86490. Part IV of the Constitution of India deals with?

86491. Chairperson of the National Human Rights Commission?

86492. The National Commission for Women Act was enacted in the year?

86493. Name the competent authority who is authorised to provide the relief and rehabilitation to the victims of atrocities under the Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes (Prevention of Atrocities) Act, 1989?

86494. The Right to Information Act, 2005, came into effect in full?

86495. Right to Information as per the Right to Information Act, 2005can be available to?

86496. Universal Declaration of Human Rights relates to the year?

86497. Which is the headquarters of Kerala Forest Research Institute(KFRI)?

86498. The famous folk dance 'Padayani'is originated at?

86499. The first Malayalee who got 'Padmavibhushan'?

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