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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1732

86601. The term "Third World' refers to?

86602. The Khetri Project in Rajasthan is famous for the production of?

86603. Neutrons was discovered by?

86604. The state which is not included in the 'Seven Eastern Sisters'?

86605. . Which one of the following information is exempted from disclosure?

86606. ‘Bloody Sunday’ is related to which country?

86607. Name the currency of Brazil?

86608. What are the objects of the Right to Information Act 2005?

86609. This way is ......... the best.?

86610. Who appoints the Chief Information Commissioner of India?

86611. In which situation the unnatural death of a woman will be deemed to be dowry death?

86612. Which one of the following is a classical Indian dance?

86613. The cheapest means of transport in India is?

86614. 'Das Kapital' was written by?

86615. The largest news agency in India is?

86616. Which one of the following is another name for Mahabharata?

86617. Which one of the following novels is not written by M.T. Vasudevan Nair?

86618. Who is the author of 'Planned Economy for India?

86619. 'Kuthiramalika' at Trivandrum palace complex was constructed by?

86620. Kerala Simham Pazhiassi Raja belongs to?

86621. The ongoing musical world tour of A.R.Rahman is named as?

86622. Buddhism became a worldwide religion with the efforts of?

86623. What is 'Dakshin Gangotri'?

86624. The first flowing ATM in the world is set up in a Jankar Boat operating between?

86625. Birbal lived in the court of?

86626. ELISA test is associated with?

86627. Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre (VSSC)is located at?

86628. The 'Nayanar's were associated with?

86629. Virology deals with?

86630. Which one of the following forms of political protests derived from the name of the person who used it for the first time?

86631. Which one of the following right was described by B.R.Ambedkar as 'the heart and soul of the Constitution?

86632. Which one of the following communist leaders in Kerala is known as 'Saghavu'?

86633. Who gave the slogans 'Delhi Chalo' and 'Jaihind'?

86634. A unit used for measuring the loudness-of sound- is?

86635. Which one of the following drug is present in tobacco?

86636. The first Malayalam Lexicon was prepared by?

86637. The author of 'My Story' is?

86638. Teacher's day in India was observed in?

86639. Portal is a popular term associated with?

86640. Name the Srilankan President who won the battle against LTTE?

86641. The Nepal Parliament is known as?

86642. Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG) consists mainly of?

86643. ' The Time Machine' is written by?

86644. The principle of Dynamo was discovered by?

86645. Which is the most dense planet of solar system?

86646. Which one of the following is not a principle of 'Panchasheel'?

86647. 'Incredible India' is associated with?

86648. 'The Land of Five rivers' is?

86649. Who said, 'My Life is My Message'?

86650. Indus valley civilization belongs to?

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