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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1733

86651. Which city is regarded as the cosmic centre of the universe according to Hindu 'beliefs '?

86652. Which place is known as Mecca of Kerala?

86653. Which one of the following is a bird sanctuary in Kerala?

86654. 'Jaya' is the name of a high yielding variety of?

86655. Illegal confinement of persons in authority between two belligerents Is.called?

86656. Which state in India has the lowest density of population?

86657. The fall in the value of an asset over a period of time is called?

86658. The first anti-biotic is?

86659. How many valence electrons does an oxygen atom have?

86660. In which year Skype software allows people to make free international phone calls via their computers?

86661. Which Indian Physicist got Nobel Prize in the year 1930?

86662. Who created the first floppy disk used in computers?

86663. Which compound was discovered by the Bengali chemist Prafula Chandra Roy?

86664. Where in the following bacteria don't like?

86665. Where in India the National Botanical Garden is situated?

86666. Which of the following storage media does not support direct access to data?

86667. Which of the following plants is poisonous?

86668. 'Light year' is related to?

86669. The largest Saline Lake in India?

86670. The First Chairperson of the National Women's Commission?

86671. The Gold medal winner of Beijing Olympics?

86672. Which river is known as Vridda Ganga?

86673. The headquarters of ISRO is situated at?

86674. 'Buddha smiling' is the name given for?

86675. The maximum gap between two sessions of the Parliament?

86676. Which animal is declared as National Heritage animal by the Union Government recently?

86677. The first woman vice chancellor of Kerala?

86678. Who is the Father of Homeopathy?

86679. The Novel 'Aatujeevitham' is written by?

86680. Ezhuthachan Puraskaram of 2010 was awarded to?

86681. Irom Sharmila is famous as an?

86682. Who was known as 'Lok Nayak'?

86683. June 5th is observed every year as?

86684. Which city in India is known as 'Pink City'?

86685. The Fundamental Duties of Indian Constitution are incorporated in the?

86686. The first woman speaker of Lok Sabha?

86687. 'Horthus Malabaricus' is a book on?

86688. The First Litigation-free village in India?

86689. The UN day is celebrated on?

86690. Capital of Andaman-Nicobar islands?

86691. India's highest honour award to a Sports Person?

86692. The film which won the Golden palm in the Goa International Film festival- 2010?

86693. Among the names mentioned below, who was not a leader ofthe Revolt 'of 1857?

86694. Arya Samaj was founded by?

86695. Who was the founder of Asiatic Society of Bengal?

86696. Which session of the Congress is passed the resolution of' Poorna Swaraj'?

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