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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1789

89451. Which one of the following is known as 'the Land of the Humming bird'?

89452. Which city is the diamond capital of the world?

89453. The Saw Mill of Europe is?

89454. Which of the following is known as Side Door of Mrica?

89455. The Mother-in-Law of Europe is?

89456. A country which is known as Land of Maple (Leaf) ..is?

89457. Which city is called the Eternal City?

89458. Which place is called the Land of Cakes?

89459. Which place is called White Man's Grave?

89460. Which place is called Bird Continent?

89461. Which is the "Twin City"?

89462. "Gibraltar" is known as?

89463. Which of the following combinations is wrong?

89464. Chicago is known as the?

89465. "Venice· of the North' is?

89466. Which is the "City of Seven Hills’?

89467. "Venice of the East" is?

89468. Which place is called the "Workshop of Europe"?

89469. "Pillars of Hercules" is the nickname of?

89470. "World's Loneliest Island" is?

89471. The is referred to as the "Isle of Dogs"?

89472. Laos is called the _?

89473. is also known as the "Fortunate Island"?

89474. Tonga is also known as the?

89475. . Oxford is known' as the?

89476. Which of the. following is known as the "Down Under"?

89477. "Land of the Flying Fish" is the nickname of?

89478. Osaka is known as the?

89479. Where is the "Dutch of Indies"?

89480. The "Garden of England" is?

89481. "Garden City of India" is?

89482. Kerala is known as the?

89483. The "Prairies of North ·Australia" is also called?

89484. Belgrade in Yugoslavia is also called the?

89485. The Store-house of the World is?

89486. The Battle-field of Europe is?

89487. Dairy of the Northern Europe is?

89488. The Isle of Spring is?

89489. The largest river in Asia is?

89490. Area wise which is the largest ocean in the world?

89491. Which of the following is the largest river of the world?

89492. Which of the following rivers has the largest basin?

89493. Largest island in the world is?

89494. Which of the following countries has the largest area in the world?

89495. The longest' canal in the world' is?

89496. The second highest mountain peak in the world is?

89497. Where can you see the shortest railway line in the world?

89498. World's largest non-capital city is?

89499. Which is the world's busiest port?

89500. Which is world's largest library with more than 28 million books?

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