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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1788

89401. Which award is often called an alternative Nobel Prize?

89402. What happened in 4 B.C?

89403. What famous event took place in 31 A.D?

89404. What took place in 570 A.D?

89405. What was the famous event that took place in?

89406. What happened in 1492 A.D?

89407. Teacher's Day (September 5) is celebrated in India as the birth- day celebration of?

89408. 15th August is the Independence Day of India and?

89409. Armed Forces Flag Day is celebrated in India on?

89410. 22nd December 1939 was declared as a day of thanks-giving by Jinnah. It was because on that day?

89411. Easter falls on which day?

89412. When was the first 'International Non-Smoking Day' observed all over the world?

89413. When is the 'World AIDS Day' observed all over the world?

89414. When is the 'World Environment Day' celebrated?

89415. When is the "National Science Day'/celebrated in India?

89416. When is the 'National Youth Day' in India celebrated?

89417. 'International Literacy Day' is observed on which day?

89418. When is the Earth Day celebrated?

89419. June 20 is celebrated as?

89420. World Tourism Day is observed on?

89421. World Red Cross Day falls on?

89422. World Elders' Day is celebrated on?

89423. The Thermal Equator coincides with the Tropic of Cancer?

89424. Which of the following was built between '3000 BC and 1800 B.C?

89425. 'World Diabetes Day' is observed on?

89426. The centenary of Mahatma Gandhi's arrival in South Africa was' celebrated in?

89427. Why is the year 1952 important In Indian History?

89428. Which of the following is a correct combination?

89429. International Women’s Day is observed on which of the following dates?

89430. India celebrates February 28, every year, as 'National Science Day' because on this day?

89431. Hijra is reckoned from?

89432. Mother Language Day was celebrated on?

89433. Find the mismatch of the following?

89434. When was the held?

89435. The following advertisement appeared in The Times of India dated 7th August : "The marvel of the century - the wonder of the world - living photographic pictures in life-sized reproductions by Messrs Lumiere Brothers Cinematographie - a few exhibitions will be given at Watson's Hotel. tonight"?

89436. Martyr's Day (January 3 is celebrated in memory of the death of?

89437. Which day is observed as World Consumer Rights Day?

89438. Beating the Retreat Ceremony is associated with?

89439. The day (6 June 1944) when Allies launched the greatest operation in history is called?

89440. October 14 is observed as?

89441. Which day is announced by the Union Government as National "Good Governance Day"?

89442. Which is called the 'International River'?

89443. The country known as the "Land of the White Elephants" is?

89444. 'Land of the Morning Calm' refers to?

89445. Which country is called the 'Sugar Bowl of the World'?

89446. Which pair is incorrect?

89447. Which of the following countries is known as 'Land of the Thunder Bolt'?

89448. 'Gate of Tears' is?

89449. 'Sick Man of Europe' is the nickname for?

89450. Which city is called :Australia's ITont Door'?

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