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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 2000

100001. The Kharif season of India

100002. The International Day of Nonviolence is observed by the UN on:

100003. In which year were the first General elections held in India?

100004. Kerala State was formed in :

100005. The day celebrated as Womens day

100006. For effective sterilization in the autoclave,the temperature should be:

100007. OPEC was formed in the year :

100008. From which year onwards, October 2nd is observed as World non-violence day :

100009. The United Nations Organisation has declared the year 2009 as :

100010. Quit India movement started in which year?

100011. Gandhiji started Civil Disobedience Movement in:

100012. Which is the tenth plan period?

100013. Which day is celebrated as the Earth day?

100014. World Environment Day is on:

100015. The aim of the Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan (SSA) is to universalise elementary education by the year:

100016. When was the Magna Carta signed by King John of England?

100017. What is the most important event of 24-10-1945?

100018. When did Alexander the Great invaded India?

100019. The tennure of Estimate Committee of Lok Sabha is :

100020. In which year, the newspaper Sujananandini was started?

100021. Indian Council Act was passed in :

100022. Indian Association was founded in :

100023. In which year National Planning Committee was setup in India?

100024. When was the Reserve Bank of India established in India ?

100025. The maximum gap between two sessions of Parliament :

100026. 2005 is the centenary year of an invention of a very famous scientist. Who is the scientist?

100027. The first general election after the formation of Kerala State was held in:

100028. Which is the longest day in India?

100029. When was Saka century started?

100030. When did the mass-massacre at Jalianwala Bagh take place?

100031. The Constitution of India was introduced on:

100032. In which year was Pondicherry annexed to Independent India?

100033. The 'Teacher's Day' is observed every year in India On :

100034. India's first scientific satellite ' Aryabhatta' was launched into orbit on :

100035. India became a member of the United Nations in :

100036. The portuguese conquered Goa in the year :

100037. According to the Gregorian calender Saka,era, our national era, begins from which of the following year :

100038. The first five year plan was started in the year:

100039. Bharathiya Jnanpith Award wasfirst given:

100040. Human Rights Day is observed on :

100041. Which day is observed as World Wet Land Day

100042. Swadeshabhimani Ramakrishna Pillai exiled on

100043. Earth day is celebrated in :

100044. Universal Declaration of human rights was passed by the U N. General Assembly on:

100045. Right to information Act (RTI ) became effetive in India on 15 th June :

100046. The year in which Panchayati Raj was introduced in India :

100047. The arrival of Vasco da Gama at Calicut was a landmark event in the annals of history. In which year did he arrive in Kerala?

100048. The first newspaper published in India was `Bangal Gazette'. When did it start its publication?

100049. The year in which the Decimal System of coinage was introduced in India.

100050. President Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed, upon advice by Prime Minister Indira Gandhi Gandhi declared a state of emergency in India which lasted for 18 months. It was declared in the year:

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