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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 2001

100051. The constitution of India formerly included the 'right to property' under the Articles 19 and 31, in the list of fundamental rights. This was later removed from the list. In which year was this change brought into effect?

100052. The Indian Constitution came into force on:

100053. Temple Entry Proclamation was on:

100054. Pazhassi Raja attained martyrdom in:

100055. The decimal system of currency was introduced in India in the year

100056. World Population Day is observed on

100057. The Right to Information Act came into force in ____

100058. Kerala Kalamandalam was established in

100059. ISRO Space craft 'Mangalayan' entered in the martian orbit in ____

100060. Human Rights Day is celebrated on

100061. S N D P Yogam was established in the year

100062. Which among the following vaccine should be stored at minus 20 deg

100063. Universal Declaration of human rights was passed by the U.N. General Assembly on :

100064. Right to Information Act (RTI) became effective in India on 15th June :

100065. In hyperpyrexia,the body temperature is----------degree F:

100066. When IT Act, 2000 of India came into force?

100067. When was "Andyodaya Anna Yojana" launched?

100068. When did "Pradhan Mantri Adharsh Gram Yojana" formally launched?

100069. In which year Sree Narayana Guru convened an inter-religious conference at Aluva were he gave the noble message of 'One caste, One religion and One God for men'?

100070. In which year Sree Narayana Guru established a Siva temple at Aruvippuram?

100071. What was the importance of the year. 1942 in the history of India's struggle for Independence?

100072. Which year was declared as the international year of Family Farming?

100073. The Right to Free and Compulsory Education Act was enacted in :

100074. After how many years does the Haleys Comet reappear?

100075. The average gestation period of sheep is :

100076. Which period was considered as the Plan Holiday?

100077. When was the Childrens Film Society established?

100078. How old is the embryo when it becomes a foetus?

100079. The International Tourism year :

100080. The consumer Rights were first enumerated in the year 1962 in :

100081. Goa was liberated from Portuguese in the ........... year.

100082. Ezhava Memorial as in the year :

100083. kundaraProclamation took place in

100084. Swaraj party formed in the year:

100085. World Computer Literacy Day is celebrated on

100086. The Constitution of India came into force in

100087. First general election in free India took place in-.

100088. In 1878, the following newspaper was published with G.S. Aiyer as the editor:

100089. Swami Vivekananda was born in Culcutta on January 12 :

100090. C.V. Raman discovered Raman Effect of scattered light on February 28 :

100091. Characteristic hormone of the placenta is:

100092. Addition of starch to make the milk thicker is an example of:

100093. UN has decided to celebrate 2012 as the year of :

100094. Suez canal opened in:

100095. When did Gandhi first visit in Kerala ?

100096. Nobel prize started in Economics since:

100097. Which year is declared as International Year of Forests by the UN Forum on Forests ?

100098. The State of Kerala was formed on:

100099. In which year the Kurichiyas of Waynad revolted against the British ?

100100. The UN day is celebrated on:

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