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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 2008

100401. The intrinsic value of representative token money is

100402. The monetary base for credit expansion consists of

100403. Monetarist believe that a reduction in inflation can be achieved by

100404. The phillips curve shows

100405. Deflation is a situation when prices fall along with

100406. The Industrial Policy which gave a concrete shape to the concept of mixed economy in India

100407. "The Wealth of Nations" was primarily concerned with the problem of

100408. The book "Wealth of Nations" by Adam Smith, published in the year

100409. The source of capital accumulation in the hands of the government in the Ricardian theory

100410. According to Malthus, sluts and under consumption in an economy would lead to

100411. To break the circular flow, an innovative entrepreneurs are financed by

100412. Which of the following theories was rejected by Schumpeter

100413. "A man who did not do body labour had no right to eat" is based on the concept of

100414. The pillars of Periyar's Socio-economic philosophy are

100415. Ambedkar's idea of state socialism is based on the philosophy of

100416. "The problem of the Rupee : Its origin and its solution" - was written by

100417. Net National Product (NNP) is equal to

100418. In recent years, the sector contributes more to the National Income of India

100419. The equilibrium level of income is determined

100420. The classical economist believed in the existence of ............. in the economy.

100421. IS curve slopes downward

100422. Equilibrium in the money market requires an

100423. The IS-LM model uses two relations to determine, the two endogenous variables, they are

100424. Any increase in government expenditure may have an expansionary effect even though these expenditure are matched by an equal increase in taxes. This has been called

100425. The combined effect of the multiplier and the accelerator is also called

100426. Choose the correct sentence:?

100427. The statement of Government's policy and major instrument of the expression of the Government programme

100428. The saddle point denotes

100429. Ethical statements which perform recommendatory, influential and persuasive functions, are

100430. At the optimum point of Rawls social welfare theory, the two individuals income are

100431. Input-Output analysis was invented by Wassily. W. Leontief in the year

100432. The double criterion of welfare was propounded by

100433. Kaldor - Hicks criterion states the

100434. Imperfect inforamation is

100435. .............. was the first economist to give a welfare criterion based on compensating principles.

100436. Identify the issues of 'development planning' from the given list and choose the correct answer from the codes given below. To increase the gross as well as percapita income with attaining full employment Total structural changes in the society Corrective planning

100437. A comprehensive plan means

100438. The basic objectives of economic planning in our country is to

100439. The congress government announced its industrial policy in

100440. Millennium development goals was [MDGS] agreed by .................... world leaders in the year ............

100441. "Laissez-faire" policy refers to

100442. Identify the thrust areas of 'New economic policy' of India and select the correct answer from the codes given below Larger scope to private sector Industrial licensing Export-import policy 100 percent FDI

100443. Globalisation is generally termed as

100444. Free trade among countries will determine the prices of commodities and services at ...........

100445. The objectives of the first five year plan in India are

100446. The word 'Micro' is derived from ............ language

100447. Macro economics deals with

100448. Normative economics is concerned with the

100449. Demand curves are shifting to the right or left due to

100450. The formula for the measurement of price elasticity of demand is

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