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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 2007

100351. The differenc between the potential price and the actual price, is called,

100352. Revealed preference theory was given by

100353. Revealed preference theory is described as

100354. If the income effect is positive, both commodities are

100355. In India 'Primary deficit' is

100356. Input-Output analysis related with the name of

100357. The Cobb-Douglas production function implies

100358. The condition for attaining equilibrium of a firm is

100359. Under perfect competition in the long run a firm can earn

100360. A market situation in which there is a single buyer of goods and services

100361. Match the following a) Perfect competition 1. Price Maker b) Monopoly 2. Price taker c) Monopolistic competition 3. Rigid price d) Oligopoly 4. Price searcher

100362. The Law which explains the behaviour of production in the short run is the

100363. Match the following : a) Internal economies 1. for industries b) Externaleconomies 2. over production c) Large scale production 3. least cost firm d) Optimum firm 4. for single firm

100364. The Locus of the points of tangency between isoquant and the isocost curves are called

100365. In which of the following years was growth rate in India's GDP at factor cost and at constant prices (2004-05) the highest

100366. The importance of externality in economic devlopment was introduced by

100367. Match the period of Five Year Plan Five Year Plan Period a) Third Five Year Plan 1. 2002-07 b) Seventh Five Year Plan 2. 2012-17 c) Nineth Five Year Plan 3. 1961-66 d) Twelfth Five Year Plan 4. 1985-90

100368. Identify the steps taken in the Phase - I of Land reforms in India from the given List and choose the correct answers from the code given below. Abolition of Intermediaries. Reorganisation of Agriculture Devising a fair and speedy process of land acquisition policy. Tenancy reforms.

100369. Identify new thrust areas in Indian Agriculture Stagnation in the output of pulses. Production of edible oil. New strategies of irrigation and water management. Use of bio-fertilizers has to be expanded. Choose the correct answers from the codes given below

100370. In which one the following Five Year Plan, Indian Economy did not fix the targets for the crop production for the first time

100371. Consider the following statements. 1. The First Green Revolution was confined to Punjab, Haryana was Western UP. 2. The Second Green Revolution spread to other areas of Punjab, Haryana and UP which were not covered in the First Green Revolution. Which of the statements given about is/are correct

100372. Workmen Compensation Act was introduced in the year

100373. Identify the statement which is not relate to the importance of rural industrialisation

100374. "Without public enterprise, there can be no private enterprise. Infact, it is former that enables the growth of the latter" Statement given by

100375. Match the List I and List II with correct answer : List I List II a) XII Finance Commission 1. A.N. Khusro b) XI Finance Commission 2. K. Santhanam c) XIII Finance Commission 3. C. Rangarajan d) X Finance Commission 4. K.C. Pant

100376. Find out which of the following are direct tax by using the codes given below. Income tax Sales tax Corporation tax Excise duty

100377. The size of the National income, growth of population, psychology of the tax payers etc... are the factors determining

100378. Prof. Raja J. Chelliah on tax reforms committee submitted its interim report on

100379. Identify the statement which is not associated with indirect tax

100380. The expenditure which leads to the creation of income yielding tangible assets of the govenment

100381. Assertion (A) : Wagner's law of public expenditure applicable to Governments Reason (R) : Government undergoing progress through public sector.

100382. The concept of zero-base budgeting was given by

100383. 2017 budget is presented in the parliament on

100384. Identify the assumptions of the theory of fiscal federalism Economic stability and just distribution of income can be done by federal government A federal government can be efficient and effective at solving problems of governments Allocation of resources can be done effectively by states and local governments Allocation of resources cannot be done effectively by states and local governments Select the correct answer using the codes given below.

100385. Assertion (A) : Balance of payment always balance. Reason (R) : Debit (payments) must always equal credits (receipts) in balance of payment account.

100386. The disequilibrium in balance of payment is of fundamental if it is due to

100387. Reserve Tranch of India is held in

100388. Match List I with List II and choose the correct answer from the code given below : List I List II a) FERA 1. 1947 b) FEMA 2. 1995 c) WTO 3. 1947 d) IMF 4. 1998

100389. The major export earnings of India in the year 2010-11

100390. The level of National Income is directly affected by

100391. Flexible Exchange rate is followed in

100392. Focus Product Scheme (FPS) and Focus Market Scheme (FMS) aim at

100393. The first UNCTAD conference took place in 1964 at

100394. UN's charter of economic rights and duties of states is the component of

100395. Which one of the following is not the objective of Foreign Direct Investment

100396. James Tobins theory assumes the expected value of capital gain or loss from holding interest bearing asset is

100397. "Liquidity preference as Behaviour Towards Risk" is an article of

100398. Baumols Approach to demand for money analysed the interest elasticity of the Keynesian

100399. The value of money multiplier compared to deposit multiplier is

100400. In Fisher's equation PT=MV+M 'V', PT represents

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