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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 2144

107201. Which among the following is the systematic arrangement of the sum total of selected experiences planned by the school or college to achieve the objectives?

107202. How many people live between the floors on which S and R live?

107203. How is B related to J?

107204. How is A related to C ?

107205. If A does not have any grandson, then how is Q related to B?

107206. Statement : Minute traces of nitrate sometimes present in cattle fodder B may be responsible for the poor health of the cattle therefore use fodder G to ensure that your cattle remain healthy. Assumptions : Cattle fodder G does not contain nitrate Nitrate is toxic to all living beings.

107207. Statement : Send employee XYZ for a training in UK to gain more insight into the project which he is handling at present. Assumptions : Some similar training programs are available in the employees own country as well. With the present skill sets, employee XYZ is incapable of handling the project.

107208. Which of the following is definitely true as per the given arrangement?

107209. Which of the following cartoon character does T like?

107210. Who amongst the following is an immediate neighbour of the one who likes Spiderman?

107211. Who amongst the following likes Donald Duck?

107212. Which of the following pairs represent the people sitting at the extreme ends of the two rows?

107213. Read the given information carefully and answer the given question. Charities do not have charge VAT to customers. Therefore, charity stores can charge lower prices as compared to the other stores, which are not registered as charity. Charity stores pay less tax than non-charity stores VAT leads to increment in prices of things The stores recover their taxes from the customers Since charities do not charge VAT, their products are of lower quality

107214. Which of the following is the third last step of the arrangement based on the given input?

107215. Organised clinical instruction in the presence of the patient is termed as:

107216. How many steps will be required to complete the given arrangement based on the given input?

107217. Which element is fifth to the left of the element which is tenth from the left end of the third step?

107218. What is the position of 72 from the right end in the fourth step?

107219. In which step are the elements 95 job 16 and found in the same order?

107220. Statement : At present 10% of our villages receive 24 hours electricity in the next two years, the state government would strive to add 16% more villages to this list. At present 60%villages in the state have no access to electricity at all. 2. Even after a couple of year, more than half of the villages lack access to 24 hours electricity

107221. The year in which the film”Raja Harishcandra”was made:

107222. The digital money for internet based business is:

107223. Who sits exactly between G and C when counted from the right of G?

107224. What is C s position with respect to A?

107225. How many people in the given arrangement face outside?

107226. Which is the first eco-tourism project in India?

107227. Statements :No magic is a trick. All charms are tricks. All hoaxes are charms. Conclusions: All hoaxes are tricks. All tricks are charms.

107228. Statements: All watches are clocks. Some clocks are towers. All towers are poles. Conclusions: At least some poles are clocks. All towers being watches is a possibility.

107229. Statements: All bugs are worms. Some worms are moths. No moth is a fly. Conclusions: All worms are bugs. No bug is a fly.

107230. Statements:No magic is a trick. All charms are tricks. All hoaxes are charms. Conclusions: No magic is a hoax. No charm is a magic.

107231. Statements: Some stars are planets. No planet is a moon. Conclusions: No star is a moon. Some stars are moons.

107232. Statements: All bugs are worms. Some worms are moths. No moth is a fly. Conclusions: No fly is a worm. All moths being bugs is a possibility.

107233. Statement : Should we scrap the system of formal education beyond graduation ? Arguments : I. Yes. It will mean taking employment at an early date. II. No. It mean lack of depth of knowledge.

107234. Statement: Should there be a world government ? Arguments : I. Yes. It will help in eliminating tensions among the nations. II. No. This is administratively impossible.

107235. Statement: Should public holidays be declared on demise of important national leaders? Arguments: I. No. Such unscheduled holidays hamper national progress. II. Yes. People would like to pay their homage to the departed soul.

107236. Statement: Is the Government justified in spending so much on defence? Arguments: I. Yes. Safety of the country is of prime importance. II. No. During peace, this money could be used for the development of the country.

107237. Statement: Should taxes on colour television be further increased? Arguments: I. Yes, Colour television is a luxury item and only rich people buy them. II. No, Televisions are bought by the poor too.

107238. Statement: Should the political parties be banned? Arguments: I. Yes. It is necessary to teach a lesson to the politicians. II. No. It will lead to an end of democracy.

107239. Statement: Should cutting of trees be banned altogether? Arguments: I. Yes. It is very much necessary to do so to restore ecological balance. II. No. A total ban would harm timber based industries.

107240. Statement: Should persons convicted of criminal offences in the past be allowed to contest elections in India? Arguments: I. No. Such persons cannot serve the cause of the people and country. II. Yes. It is democracy - let people decide whom to vote.

107241. Statement: Are nuclear families better than joint families? Arguments: I. No. Joint families ensure security and also reduce the burden of work. II. Yes. Nuclear families ensure greater freedom.

107242. Statement: Should high chimneys be installed in industries? Arguments: I. Yes. It reduces pollution at ground level. II. No. It increases pollution in upper atmosphere.

107243. Statement: Should family planning be made compulsory in India? Arguments: I. Yes. Looking to the miserable conditions in India, there is no other go. II. No. In India there are people of various religions and family planning is against the tenets of some of the religions.

107244. Statement: Should government jobs in rural areas have more incentives? Arguments: I. Yes. Incentives are essential for attracting government servants there. II. No. Rural areas are already cheaper, healthier and less complex than big cities. So ? Why offer extra incentives.

107245. Statement : Should luxury hotels be banned in India ? Arguments : I. Yes. They are places from where international criminals operate. II. No. Affluent tourist will have no place to stay.

107246. Statement : Should there be a complete ban on strike by government employees in India ? Arguments : I. Yes. This is the only way to teach discipline to the employees. II. No. This deprives the citizens of their democratic rights.

107247. Statement : Should school education be made free in India ? Arguments : I. Yes. This is the only way to improve the literacy rate in India. II. No. It would add the already heavy burden on the exchequer.

107248. Statement : Should there be a ban on product advertising ? Arguments : I. No. It is an age of advertising. Unless your advertisement is better than your other competitors, the product will not be sold. II. Yes. The money spent on advertising is very huge and it inflates the cost of the product.

107249. Statement : Should new universities be established in India ? Argument : I. No. We have still not achieved the target of literacy. II. No. We will have to face the problem of unemployed but highly qualified people.

107250. Statement : Should all Government owned educational institutions be handed over to private institutions ? Arguments : I. Yes. Standard of education will improve. II. No. Standard of education will fall.

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