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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 2145

107251. Statement : Should the government levy tax on agricultural income also ? Arguments : I. Yes. That is the only way to fill government coffers. II. No. Eighty percent of our population live in rural areas.

107252. Statement : Should correspondence courses at the university level be discontinued in India ? Arguments : I. Yes. Only interaction between teachers and students at the college helps total development of personality. II. No. The demand for discontinuance comes only from the elite who have no knowledge of what is meant by poverty.

107253. Statement : Should judicial activism be discouraged ? Arguments : I. No. If we leave everything in the hands of executive, justice may be distant dream. II. Yes. Judiciary should mind its own business. Executive will take its own course.

107254. Statement: Should students union in universities be abolished ? Arguments : I. Yes. Students can pay full attention to their career development. II. No. All the great leaders had been students union leaders.

107255. Statement : Should the tuition fees in all post graduate courses be hiked considerably ? Arguments : I. Yes. This will bring some kind of seriousness among the students and will improve quality. II. No. This will force the meritorious poor students to stay away from post-graduate courses.

107256. Statement : Should education be made compulsory for all children up to the age of 14 ? Arguments : I. Yes. This will help to eradicate the system of forced employment of children. II. Yes. This would increase the standard of living.

107257. Statement : Should government stop spending huge amounts of money on international sports ? Arguments : I. Yes. This money can be utilised for poor. II. No. Sports-persons will be frustrated and will not get international exposure.

107258. Statement : Should there be reservation of seats and posts on communal basis ? Arguments : I. Yes. It will check most of the inter-communal biases. II. No. Ours is a secular state.

107259. Statement : Should number of holidays of government employees be reduced ? Arguments : I. Yes. Our government employees are having maximum number of holidays among the other countries of the world. II. Yes. It will lead to increased productivity of government offices.

107260. Statement: Should the railways immediately stop issuing free passes to all its employees? Arguments: I. No. The employees have the right to travel free. II. Yes. This will help railways to provide better facility.

107261. Peacock: India :: Bear : ?

107262. What is the old name of INS Vikramaditya?

107263. CUP: LIP: BIRD : ?

107264. Find analogous pair of Diva : Opera

107265. Find analogous pair of Grain : Salt

107266. Find analogous pair of Trilogy : Novel

107267. Find analogous pair of Formula : Constituent

107268. Find analogous pair of Money : Transaction

107269. Find analogous pair of Loath : Coercion

107270. Find analogous pair of Thermometer : Temperature

107271. Find analogous pair of Biography : Autobiography

107272. Find analogous pair of Wan : Colour

107273. Find analogous pair of Food : Hungry

107274. Find analogous pair of Agreement : Dissent

107275. Find analogous pair of Pain : Ache

107276. Find analogous pair of Mad : Insane

107277. Find analogous pair of Lively : Dull

107278. Find analogous pair of State : Exile

107279. Find analogous pair of Portico : Building

107280. Find analogous pair of Fragile : Crack

107281. Find analogous pair of Fury : Ire

107282. Find analogous pair of Humanitarian : Altruistic

107283. Find analogous pair of Sound : Muffled

107284. Find analogous pair of Chair : Carpenter

107285. Find analogous pair of Cool : Cold

107286. Find analogous pair of Weight : Kilogram

107287. Find analogous pair of Platform : Train

107288. Find analogous pair of Sprain : Fracture

107289. Find analogous pair of Traffic : Road

107290. Find analogous pair of Fish : Shoal

107291. Find analogous pair of Elevated : Exalted

107292. Find analogous pair of Agenda : Meeting

107293. Find analogous pair of Chalk : Blackboard

107294. Clue : Mystery :: Warning : ?

107295. Boat : Sales :: Balloon : ?

107296. Lapse : Session :: Conclude : ?

107297. Much : Many :: Measure : ?

107298. Boat : Oar :: Bicycle : ?

107299. Pride : Humility :: Desire : ?

107300. What is Boat People Problem?

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