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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 2175

108751. It is one of the example for direct material cost in a textile industry.

108752. While testing tensile property of yarn in a variable material, the breaking load will be

108753. Which of the following needles is used in Raschel warp knitting machine ?

108754. Air bags are preferably made of

108755. The fibre suitable for bonding of fibres by melting in non-woven is

108756. Velour fabrics are produced using

108757. Identify the 'Incorrect' statement about hydro entanglement process.

108758. The bonding in incontinence products is mostly done by

108759. ..................polymer fibre is suitable for making air bag fabrics

108760. The three essential property requirements for geo textile applications are

108761. Following ..........fibre and ...............structure combinations can be preferred for vegetable packing.

108762. The choice of sewing thread for a 67/33P/C blend is

108763. Ratio of the single yarn strength of same count sewing yarn to the fabric yarn.

108764. 'Whipping' operation is carried out after............operation

108765. The over-lock sewing machine may run upto........rpm.

108766. Which of the following is not the factor of woven fabric seam puckering ?

108767. While sewing woven apparels, the seam thickness decreases with

108768. Which of the following stitch is preferred for button holing process ?

108769. 'French Seam' is a subclass of

108770. Under the normal knitting conditions, the stroke length of compound needle is............times of latch needle stroke length.

108771. In a plain circular knitting machine, when the latch needle reaches the tuck-in-position, the loop in the needle

108772. In...............style of printing, the fabric is first dyed with suitable method followed by printing with print paste containing reducing agent.

108773. The enzyme that can be used to remove residual peroxide after bleaching is

108774. For scouring of wool, the most preferred agent is

108775. Direct dyes are most preferably dyed at pH of

108776. The ideal pH to get efficient wash down property of Indigo dyed yarn is

108777. Which one of the following is not 'True' regarding light fastness of textile substrates ?

108778. Which one of the following statements is incorrect about disperse dye ?

108779. Mercerization of cotton does not result in

108780. Flip-flop mechanism is associated with ...........finish.

108781. A formulator adds 200ml of water to 1000 ml of silicon emulsion whose solid content is 45%. The % solid content of the diluted silicone emlsion is

108782. .............sampling method is used to determine the wool substances i.e. grease, vegetables matters and moisture.

108783. Which of the following cotton fibre property is determined by using gravimetric method ?

108784. In the case of fully matured cotton crops, the difference between rod like fibres and dead fibres in a group of 100 fibres is

108785. The second scale in the quadrant balance is used to read the count of

108786. The unit of shear rigidity expressed in KES-F system is

108787. Following technique is used for sample collection from raw cotton for testing

108788. The property of fibres that HVI does not mean is

108789. If the numerical value of yarn linear density expenses in tex and that in English system is the same. This value to the nearest integer is

108790. Ratio of tenacity of yarn in gf/tex measured in lea form to single yarn form is

108791. To achieve uniform hydraulic loading and BOD, the effluent is kept in holdiing tank. This process is called

108792. With a standard 7 wheel takeup, 27 T standard wheel is available instead of 36T. Calculate the teeth of change wheel to be used to give 64 picks per inch.

108793. Match the following : a. Calico 1. Weft faced fabric with 1/2 twill b. Cashmere 2. Warp rib fabric c. Poplin 3. Plain woven cotton d. Plush 4. Pile fabric

108794. Peg plan in point paper representation of weave design is used for

108795. Which of the following woven structure gives maximum amount of support to the adjacent threads ?

108796. The huck-a-back design is mostly suitable for.........application.

108797. The 'draw warping' process is mainly used for

108798. In case of mechanical cleaner, if the 64 tex yarn requires 0.3 mm gap, what will be the gap required for 16 tex yarn ?

108799. In torsion bar mechanism, the twisting length of the torsion bar is around

108800. Which of the following dobby is used in high speed shuttle less weaving machine ?

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