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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 2176

108801. Fast reed mechanism is mostly preferred for weaving

108802. In which of the following shuttle loom the possibility of oil stain on fabric is more

108803. For producing semi combed yarn, the percentage of noil removed by the combing process is

108804. Usually the wire print density of top comb is

108805. The range of draft required to convert the silver into yarn is

108806. During the bobbin winding in a roving frame, the bobbin rotation rate must be...........while the increase in the package diameter.

108807. Soft covering of top rollers in ring frame leads to

108808. For woolen and worsted spinning system, the type of ring used is

108809. The increase in traveller weight leads to an increase in

108810. If two yarns each of 40 Ne count is twisted together, the resultant count would be

108811. Cleaning efficiency of step cleaned is 60% and monocylinder cleaner is 70%. If 100 kg cotton with 6% trash is fed in these two machines in series (firol in step cleaner and then in monocylinder cleaner), what would be the trash % in the cotton after passing through these two machines.

108812. Which of the following polymer type can be used for fibre formation

108813. Acrylic fibre is popularly produced through ...........spinning

108814. Which one of the following statement is not correct about acrylic fibre ?

108815. The most widely used method of polymerisation for production of acrylic polymer is

108816. Among the following given fibres, the crystallintyis developed while spinning at a speed of 3000 m/min under normal moisture containing environment for

108817. The POY polyester yarn is produced in the range of

108818. The zone of the extruder in which mostly melt is homogenized and has a drag flow is

108819. The unit for specific flexural rigidity is

108820. Among the following fibres, which one is having higher sheers modulus ?

108821. For fibres, with respect to creep, the primary creep is

108822. Time dependant elongation of thermoplastic fibres are regarded as

108823. Upon thermal treatment of synthetic fibres amorphous orientation......and crystalline regions changes from ..........to............

108824. The lustre of the synthetic fibre................while mixing the titanium dioxide in its dope.

108825. The birefringence value of longer cotton fibre is

108826. The birefringence value of nylon is

108827. The birefringence value is zero for..................fibre.

108828. The terylene fibre have great birefringence due to

108829. The density of acrylic fibre is

108830. The suitable chemicals which are used for measuring the density of fibre by density gradient column are.............and..................

108831. Pycnometer is used to measure .................of the fibre.

108832. Fibroin is the major polymer of ..................fibre.

108833. Cobalt is associated with

108834. Metal present in blood is

108835. Blood platelets help in

108836. PH value of blood is

108837. Severe diarrhoea is a symptom of

108838. Ammonotelism is common in

108839. Endothecium and endothelium are structures associated with

108840. Synapse is seen in

108841. Visceral arches support

108842. The disease diabetes mellitus is caused by the deficiency of

108843. The name of scales in Mullet fish is

108844. Formation of red blood cells in a normal human adult occurs in

108845. Which of the following statements in not associated with biocommunication in animals

108846. The ‘Aikya Kerala’convention was held at Trichur in 1947 under the Presidentship of:

108847. Powerhouse of the cell is

108848. Identification of cancer cell, based on the cell morphology depends on the cell shape

108849. What is the result of hypofunction of Thyroid ?

108850. What is the role of thyrocalciionin produced by thyroid gland ?

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