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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 2218

110901. They were worried about a new cult which many followers.

110902. You will have to face some practical problems when you start ........... this plan.

110903. ................ she can't drive, Anita has bought a car.

110904. Sally parked and got ......... the car quickly.

110905. Anna is not popular. She has ........... friends.

110906. He has not been attending English classes for one week.

110907. He is not what you would call an honest man, doesn't he

110908. It is a most beautiful painting in the gallery.

110909. Kindly submit your documents to the clerk.

110910. We rejoiced at his being promoted.

110911. I am too much pleased to know that you have topped the list.

110912. I am thinking I will go to the market later this afternoon.

110913. This sponge is not able to absorbing water.

110914. From the given alternative words, select the word which cannot be formed using the letters of the given word. VENTURE

110915. Which one of the following Alkaloid obtained from gymnosperms

110916. 'Egret' is a name of ............

110917. Fill in the blank choosing the correct answer given below : The three animals complained about the indifference of the Camel to ............

110918. The software JAWS can convert any printed material into

110919. Match the short stories under Column A with their authors under Column B and choose the correct code Column A Column B a) Swept Away 1. O' Henry b) The Last Leaf 2. Oscar wilde c) Caught Sneezing 3. Saki d) The Open Window 4. Susannah Hickling

110920. Manohar Devadoss is .................... by profession.

110921. Match the story title with the characters:- A B a) Antonio 1. Farmer b) Kesavan Nair 2. Mercy and Justice c) Phatik Chakravarthy 3. Necklace d) Metilda 4. Holiday

110922. Which one of the following is written by Walt Whitman

110923. 'How I wish I could be like that girl'. This line occurs in "................."

110924. Choose the option that completes the given sentence : H.W. Longfellow's 'A Psalm of life' is taken from

110925. Pick out William Wordsworth's poem.

110926. Which state does the poet, Kamala Das belong to

110927. Suddenly .............. sprang up, offering to demonstrate a few magic tricks to the family

110928. Choose the best answer and complete the sentence. The first collected edition of Shakespeare's sonnets appeared in

110929. Match the following poetic lines in Column A with the poets in Column B and select the correct option : Column A Column B a) Exult, O shores ! and ring, O bells 1. William Wordsworth b) Be the best of whatever you are! 2. Lewis Caroll c) Echoes fade and memories die 3. Douglas Malloch d) I saw her singing at her work 4. Walt Whitman

110930. Read the passage and select the correct sentence from the options given : "...........The stronger, the firmer and nobler it is, the better work you will do for the country".

110931. The twin towers of the World Trade Centre in New York USA was attacked and destroyed on

110932. Match the following British English words in Column A with the relevant American words in Column B Column A Column B a) tap 1. gasoline b) petrol 2. fall c) autumn 3. cab d) taxi 4. faucet

110933. "He hears the last voice at night". This line occurs in

110934. .......... is a room in a private house for sitting or entertaining visitors.

110935. Alliteration is the use of the same .................... or ................... at the beginning of words that are close together.

110936. The poem "Earth" is taken from a collection of poems entitled

110937. "The feet of God when he journeyed from the East to the West of the Universe". Mention the poem in which the above lines appear

110938. Identify the poetic line that differs from others :

110939. Replace the underlined British word with its American equivalent. Vidhya is eating Chips .

110940. "Are we discouraged, W? Of course we are not O"! 'O' - here stands for

110941. The poem "A Psalm of life" underlines the need of :

110942. Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam served as the 11th President of India from the period :

110943. The author of "MIGRANT BIRD" is

110944. "If the women of Asia wake up they will dazzle the world". Who said these words

110945. "To India - My Native Land" was written by

110946. Dr. Karl Paulnack, the director of the music division, is a

110947. Among the following poems which one is written by Walt Whitman.

110948. "Rich in traditions the ancient temple town has acquired its very own mythologies, evolving its own customs and festivals" The town mentioned here is

110949. Fill in the blank with the correct answer from the following options : "The well was dry beside the door, And so we went with pail and can" These are the lines of

110950. Read the passage and select the correct statement : "..... Music is not part of" arts and entertainment" ..... it is not a luxury, a lavish thing...."

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