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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 2217

110851. The ........... towards the school was very steep.

110852. Romeo and Juliet's ........... affair is probably the most loved of all times.

110853. Next summer we're going ..... a trip to Canada.

110854. He was so filled with contempt for the prisoner that he gave him a .......... look.

110855. Poetry is a ......... form of expression in which the particularity of the word and the image to evoke feeling, assumes great importance.

110856. She ............ great pleasure and satisfaction from cooking.

110857. As soon as this workshop is over, I am going to .......... every duty and go on a holiday.

110858. I was asked to take a hike for a comment I made.

110859. He came to work looking very off colour .

110860. John was as good as his word and came on time for the meeting.

110861. Which of the following is best undertake as expeditionmountaineering

110862. What accounts for the greater prevalence of expeditionmountaineering in the Himalayas

110863. Which of the following style of mountaineering is considered to be slow and heavy

110864. What necessitates the huge amount of supplies and large number of personnel in Himalayan expeditions

110865. Which of the following is true

110866. Since she is a teacher of language, one would not expect her to be gulty of a .........

110867. Love for ours environment is enough to protest nature.

110868. What happened to boys who visited him in private

110869. Another word for 'magnanimous' is

110870. "in a most intimidating way" means.

110871. The staff considered Mr Rogers to be ..............

110872. What best describes Mr Rogers at the school assembly

110873. Joe can be a loose canon sometimes.

110874. All and sundry were asked to leave the village immediately.

110875. The presentation by the group at the meeting passes muster .

110876. QST # 91

110877. QST # 92

110878. QST # 90

110879. QST # 89

110880. QST # 88

110881. QST # 87

110882. Innocent

110883. Abhorrent

110884. Stationery

110885. Neither parties deserves our help.

110886. The doctor scribbled his prescription which I could not make out.

110887. Every person was not fitted for everything.

110888. Even at the peak of her success, Kalpana Chawla did not forget her home or her duty towards other human, this is evident from the fact that she distributed education of girls in India.

110889. How long I shall stay is doubtful.

110890. A number of people listening to a concert or lecture.

110891. All in a mess.

110892. One who believes in God.

110893. Happening every year.

110894. In a primitive or uncivilized state.

110895. Polite

110896. Authentic

110897. The convict was ............ on a Monday.

110898. He must ............... the loans.

110899. A man is known .......... the company he keeps.

110900. The actor died when his car turned .........

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