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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 228

11401. Which one of the following is not mentioned in the Indian Constitution as a right?

11402. The Gandhian principles have been enumerated in the

11403. The President of India is a -----

11404. A Biological Death takes place when

11405. Which is called the ‘Dog star’?

11406. Ear drum is also known as:

11407. Afforestation is the process of:

11408. Which one of the following is one of the most commonly used bio fertilizer?

11409. The persons who survived the atom bomb disaster in Hiroshima and Nagasaki are known as:

11410. The scientist who arranged elements according to increasing atomic weight:

11411. The first communication satellite in World:

11412. Persons sitting in an artificial satellite of the earth have:

11413. We cannot lift a chair while sitting on it.The reason for this:

11414. An example of a telecommunication device:

11415. A high level language developed for business data processing applications:

11416. . Processors contain a control unit and a(n):

11417. Each model of computer has unique:

11418. ‘Buyer Resistance’ means—

11419. Marketing is the function of—

11420. A DSA means—

11421. Service Marketing is resorted to in—

11422. Marketing is—

11423. Market share refers to—

11424. Service Marketing is the same as—

11425. Current Accounts can be freely opened by ………… Find the incorrect answer.

11426. Buyer Resistance can be overcome by—

11427. Cross-selling is useful for canvassing—

11428. Market segmentation helps to determine—

11429. The target group for Car loans is—

11430. The best promotional tool in any marketing is—

11431. Customisation results in—

11432. The target group for Education Loans is—

11433. Find the correct sentence.

11434. Good marketing strategy envisages good and proper—

11435. Savings Accounts can be opened by—

11436. Situation Analysis is useful for—

11437. Information that comes from an external source and fed into computer software is called—

11438. With a CD you can—

11439. Errors in a computer program are referred to as—

11440. Which of the following are computers that can be carried around easily ?

11441. What menu is selected to change font and style ?

11442. Where is the disk put in a computer ?

11443. A computer’s hard disk is—

11444. A compiler is used to translate a program written in—

11445. In programming, you use the following keys—

11446. Which keys enable the input of numbers quickly ?

11447. Files are organized by storing them in—

11448. The secret code that restricts entry to some programs—

11449. Advertisements are not required in—

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