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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 229

11451. The most common method of entering text and numerical data into a computer system is through the use of a—

11452. Computer programs are also known as—

11453. A collection of unprocessed items is ………

11454. ……… is when the more powerhungry components, such as the monitor and the hard drive, are put in idle.

11455. ……… is the process of dividing the disk into tracks and sectors.

11456. A saved document is referred to as a ………

11457. Which of the following is the largest unit of storage ?

11458. The operating system is the most common type of ……… software.

11459. A ……… is approximately one billion bytes.

11460. A scanner scans—

11461. Dumb terminals have terminals and—

11462. The portion of the CPU that coordinates the activities of all the other computer components is the—

11463. A repair for a known software bug, usually available at no charge on the Internet, is called a(n)—

11464. What aspiration the doctrine of Lebensraum denotes in the foreign policy of Hitler ?

11465. Blue Revolution is related with—

11466. Who appoints the Chief Election Commissioner ?

11467. GDP is the total value of …… produced during a particular year.

11468. Which country first granted universal adult franchise ?

11469. State, which constituted maximum in rubber production in India, is—

11470. In which year Mandal Commission was constituted ?

11471. Which war resulted into the unification of Germany and Italy ?

11472. Which African country got independence first ?

11473. ‘Himadri’ is the name, used for—

11474. Which of the following is not an essential element of a political party ?

11475. Which of these is not a function of RBI ?

11476. Who said it “Democracy is a rule of the people, for the people and by the people” ?

11477. How many types of ‘Ration Cards’ are in India ?

11478. Which of the following is a challenge to democracy in India ?

11479. The tribe belonging to the hills of Orissa is—

11480. What was the real purpose behind the Berlin Conference of 1884-85 ?

11481. How many industries are now reserved for public sector ?

11482. Which of the following is the highest mountain peak in India ?

11483. How many Lok Sabha constituencies are in India ?

11484. Where is the headquarters of BIS located ?

11485. Who is the father of consumer movement ?

11486. Which is the most poor state of India ?

11487. Who among the following worked for eradication of caste inequalities ?

11488. Which of the following is most affected by chemical weathering ?

11489. The slogan of Janta Party in 1977 elections was—

11490. Which state has the lowest IMR in India ?

11491. The struggle for democracy is centred round—

11492. What is literary percentage of Rural India, as per the census 2001 ?

11493. For how many days budget proposals can be detained by Rajya Sabha ?

11494. Which English novelist used social impacts of industrialisation as subject-matter of his/her novels ?

11495. How many members UNO has at present ?

11496. River, which joins Rann of Kutch, is—

11497. A political party can be recognised as a state party, if—

11498. What is the largest source of credit in rural households of India ?

11499. Which of the following country does not provide right to vote to women ?

11500. When was ‘Antyodaya Anna Yojana’ launched ?

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