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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 2283

114151. What is considered the best form of help?

114152. The central idea of the passage is

114153. ടി.കെ.മാധവന്‍ സ്മാരകം സ്ഥിതി ചെയ്യുന്നത്? [Di. Ke. Maadhavan‍ smaarakam sthithi cheyyunnath?]

114154. Sheila angrily asked: Mother, where is my purse? (Change into indirect speech).

114155. He (write) a novel for the last two years, but he (not finish) it yet. (Rewrite using the correct tense form of the verbsgiven in brackets).

114156. He is too weak to walk. (Remove too).

114157. Here is the magazine. You were looking for it. (Combine the sentences to make a complex sentence.)

114158. He had many disciples. The greatest of them was Aristotle.(Combine into a simple sentence).

114159. Hamlet is the most famous play of Shakespeare. (Change into the positive degree).

114160. To be wise after the event is perfectly easy. (Rewrite using the introductory word It.)

114161. A new company has taken the business over. (Turn into the passive voice).

114162. Do you did what with the money you gave I? (Arrange the words properly to make a question)

114163. No sooner had I entered the room when I saw the cobra.

114164. Rewrite the sentences correctly. Many a men run after wealth.

114165. I would do it if I was you.

114166. I and he are cousin brothers.

114167. We could scarcely hear what he said, couldnt we?

114168. Ive got a ____good memory for names, but Im ____bad on dates.

114169. Im afraid Ive written it ____quickly, but I think youll find it ____correct.

114170. Dont make ____noise he wants to get ____sleep.

114171. I want ____new potatoes have you ____?

114172. This is ___European firm it was established only ___year ago.

114173. We want ___ help of ___few volunteers.

114174. Come _____10_____ Friday morning.

114175. The cat is hiding ––– us ––– the table.

114176. The past participle of lie is .

114177. She suffers from the habit of walking about in her sleep.

114178. He is liked by the people.

114179. The word Low expresses the cry of

114180. Choose the word spelt correctly:

114181. Point out the word which is misspelt

114182. Which of the following words means one who never takes alcoholic drinks?

114183. Pick out the word or phrase nearest in meaning to Burglary:

114184. Which of the following means the same as Remember?

114185. Choose the word opposite in meaning to the word Analysis.

114186. Shark, Cod, Eel-.

114187. Starvation is related to nutrition. In the same way exhaustion is relatedto ?

114188. Cyclone is related to anticyclone in the same as flood is related to ?

114189. As revolution is to change, so treaty is to .

114190. As a bird is to feather, so is a cat to .

114191. Substitute the underlined words with suitable phrases from given alternatives: The poor villagers built the cowshed thrown off in the wind.

114192. Substitute the underlined words with suitable phrases from given alternatives:The Prime Minister is to visit Clinton.

114193. Complete the following series with a letter from the given alternativesBY CX DWE .

114194. Which is the different one in the following items?

114195. The passage talks upon

114196. Experts concluded that the vapours were mythical because

114197. In a frenzy means

114198. Oracle is a term which could mean

114199. The word with the wrong spelling is

114200. The phrase to subjugatemeans

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