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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 2316

115801. When did the last visit of Vasco de Gama to Kerala take place ?

115802. Who is the Father of Pre-history of Kerala ?

115803. The number of PTGs in India?

115804. The Indian tribe studied by the Austrian Anthropologist Christoph von Frer-Haimendorf?

115805. The approximate proportion of the Paniyan among the total tribal population ofKerala?

115806. The PTG in Nilambur?

115807. The largest PTG in Kerala?

115808. The Adivasi leader C K Janu belongs to -?

115809. Which of the following communities in Kerala has been shifted from the SC to STcategory in 2002?

115810. Who among the following was not associated with 'Guravayoor Satyagraha'?

115811. Who was the first Education Minister of Kerala?

115812. 'Mamankam Festival' of Mediveal Kerala was conducted at?

115813. Mappila Rebellion took place in

115814. He has been working here-----1990

115815. Swami Anand Thirth was involved in:

115816. Kunjan Nambiar is associated with

115817. The founder of Sadhujana Paripalana Yogam:

115818. The centre of salt satyagraha in Kerala in Civil Disobedience Movement of 1930

115819. The slogan 'American Model Arabikadalil' is related with

115820. Volunteer Captain Of Guruvayoor Temple Sathyagraha:

115821. Second Kerala Chief Minister is:

115822. The Housing Minister of Kerala behind the concept of Laksham Veedu

115823. The birth place of Kunjali Marakkar is at

115824. In which place was the first all Kerala Congress held

115825. Parasuraman is believed to be the incarnation of

115826. When did Gandhiji visit Kerala for the first time

115827. Malabar District became a province of Madras Presidency in

115828. The first English school in Kerala was established at

115829. The study of the origin and history of words

115830. The agitation by the workers for higher wages has------

115831. Who announced an American model Constitution for Travancore

115832. The philosophy of Adwaita is associated to

115833. The slogan American Model Arabikadalil is related with

115834. Volunteer captain of Guruvayoor Temple Sathyagraha

115835. Sadhu Jana Paripalana Sangam is founded by

115836. Second Kerala Chief Minister is

115837. Who was the first Editor of Mathrubhumi newspaper

115838. The father of Malayalam language is ..........

115839. The birth place of Sreenarayana Guru was at

115840. The only muslim kingdom in Kerala was

115841. Vaikkom Satyagraha took place in ..........

115842. Malayali Memorial took place in ...........year

115843. St.Thomas first came to Kerala in

115844. The last Mamankam was held at Thirunavaya in ................

115845. After the death of succession of Shivaji,there was a war of succession between

115846. Who among the following was not a painter in Akbar's court?

115847. The Sur Sagar is

115848. The Rihla was written in

115849. Match List I with List II and select the correct answer by using the codes below A)Mihrab 1.Stepped Pulpit B)Mimbar 2.Direction towards Kaba for prayer C)Khutba 3.Arch D)Kibla 4.Sermon A B C D

115850. Who among the following was the founder of Bijapur state ?

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