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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 2315

115751. Name the malayalee editor of Gandhiji's "Young India"

115752. Choose the correct antonym of ‘Freedom’

115753. The revolt of 1721 at - is the first attempt against foreign domination from the south.

115754. -------goes before a fall

115755. Fasting of Savarna volunteers within the Guruvayur temple (1st October 1932) was organized under the leadership of ?

115756. in 1990, Bharat Ratna was posthumously awarded to whom?

115757. The leader who adopted guerilla tactics in the Great Revolt of 1857?

115758. The first seminary established by the Portuguese in Kerala?

115759. The first organised revolt against the British authority in Kerala?

115760. The Dabhol power plant is in which state?

115761. Vimochana Samaram was launched under the leadership of:

115762. Who among the following was not associated with Guruvayoor Satyagraha?

115763. Who is the First Education Minister of Kerala?

115764. The Bekal Fort was built by:

115765. The call for total revolution was given by:

115766. Mamankam Festival of Medieval Kerala was conducted at :

115767. Mappila Rebellion took place in:

115768. The first Chief Minister of Kerala was:

115769. Devanarayanan asked the boy:

115770. got Nobel Prize in Literature in 1913.

115771. Who is called 'Deshbandhu' ?

115772. The First Arts and Science College in Kerala is:

115773. The First Governor of Kerala was :

115774. The State of Kerala was formed on :

115775. The First Chief Minister of Kerala was :

115776. First woman Judge of the Supreme Court is :

115777. Shakunthala, Raguvamsa and Kumarasambava were the famous works of ?

115778. Choose the correct meaning of the foreign word ‘vis a vis’:

115779. Chandernagore became part of Indiain

115780. Which of the following led to the enactment of Indian Independence Act ?

115781. Which of the following is false at the time of the Quit India Movement ?

115782. Who was the first Indian member seated on the Governor Generals Council?

115783. Name the Dutch headquarters set up in 1690.

115784. The central point in Asokas Dhamma was

115785. Choose the correct chronological order of the rulers of Magadha ?

115786. The famous Gayatrimantras is found in the Veda ?

115787. Go through the following facts regarding Kerala Land Reforms Act of 1963 a) It banned the creation of fresh tenancies b) It prescribed a ceiling on the extent of land to be owned by a family c)Enabled the tenants to purchase his owners land d) It was amended in 1969 Which of the above mentioned facts are right? Choose the answer from the following options

115788. Samyukta Rashtriya Samithi was an organisation connected with which one of following?

115789. The first fully literate district in India was?

115790. What is the basis of Peoples Plan in Kerala ?

115791. Who was the Education Minister in the first Communist Ministry of Kerala?

115792. Which of the following rivers are listed according to their length?

115793. Who was the father of Aikya Kerala movement ?

115794. Who was the founder of Malayali Sabha?

115795. Vakkam Abdul Khadir Maulavi was not connected with which one of the following publications ?

115796. Who among the following is not connected with Travancore State Congress?

115797. The Mahakavi who composed the Vina Puvu was

115798. Pandara Pattom Proclamation, the Magna Carta of the Travancore ryots was issued in

115799. Which one of the following about resistance to the British is not correctly matched ?

115800. Which one of the following about the rise of monarchies in Kerala is not correctly matched?

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