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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 2314

115701. താഴെപറയുന്നവരിൽ ആരാണ് വിശ്രുതനായ ആട്ടക്കഥാ രചയിതാവ് ? [Thaazheparayunnavaril aaraanu vishruthanaaya aattakkathaa rachayithaavu ?]

115702. The first of the temples consecrated by Sri Narayana Guru?

115703. Acharya Vinoba Bhave is famous for :

115704. The famous Nalanda University was during the period of :

115705. Travancore ruler who abolished slave trade :

115706. The word Adivasi was used for the first time to refer to the tribal people by

115707. First Governor of Kerala was :

115708. Kundara Proclamation in 180Q was made by :

115709. The words 'Sathyameva Jayate' are taken from:

115710. The cause for the Punnapra Vayalar appraisal of 1946 :

115711. Which was the place of conference in which Sree Narayana Guru called for the abolition of Talikettukalyanam?

115712. Under whose leadership, Vala Samudaya Parishjarini Sabha was organised?

115713. The first population census was taken in India in the year?

115714. Who among the following is associated with "White Revolution" ?

115715. Kesari, the Newspaper was started by

115716. Mention the main theme of the novel Sundarikalum Sundaranmarum:

115717. The first English journal started by Hickey in India was:

115718. In which Battle the Cochin Rajah defeated and drove out the Portuguese from theWestern Waters of India?

115719. The puzzle about the Satyaputras was settled by the:

115720. is known as Kerala Panini'

115721. Point out the legislation that denied absolute proprietorship of the land

115722. Kerala Agrarian Relations Act was passed in

115723. Kerala Pazhama was written by

115724. The treaty that mentioned Travancore as a friend and ally of the English

115725. Name the European power who met defeat at Kulachal

115726. Name the Portuguese Governor buried at the St. Francis Xavier Church at Fort Kochi

115727. Thirteen gold coins and seventy oneRoman denarius were discovered from -in Kerala

115728. Saka Era was introduced by :

115729. 'Atma Vidhya Sangam' was founded by:

115730. The Chinese traveller Hiuen Tsang visited the pilgrim center of - in South India:

115731. Who is the founder of the Travancore University?

115732. The first Malayalee Cabinet Minister in the Government of India :

115733. The French Supremacy in India came to an end by the battle of :

115734. Which among the following is not the work of Kalidasa ?

115735. Who was the real force behind Prarthana Samaj ?

115736. The ratio between dynamic viscosity and density of fluid is known as:

115737. 'Galasa' programme is associated with :

115738. The kerala Kalamandalam was established in the year :

115739. The famous folk dance 'Padayani' is originated at:

115740. Which place is known as the Mecca of kerala ?

115741. In 1956 Kerala State was formulated with how many districts ?

115742. The first Malayalee appeared in the Postal Stamp :

115743. Varika Vrika Sahajare .... these Malayalam poetic lines had been written by :

115744. The sword of Velu Tampi Dalava (1809)which was missing, had been located in the National Museum, New Delhi who located it ?

115745. The rain stoppe,the play had to be suspended

115746. Robert Bristow is the architect of the port at

115747. The painting "Mysore Khedda" was drawn by :

115748. The malayalam lullaby, "Omanathingal Kidavo" was written by :

115749. The temple entry proclamation was issued by :

115750. As part of the Vaikam Satyagraha, a Savarna Jatha was organized under the leadership of :

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