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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 2531

126551. Ward-Leonard Method of Speed control is basically a :

126552. In a transformer the half load copper loss is 600 W.It’s full load copper loss will be:

126553. When the frequency is doubled,what are the change in eddy current and hysteresis loss:

126554. The most economical connection for small and high voltage transmission is:

126555. A 100 KVA Delta transformer one of the phase of secondary is get out of order.How much load it can carry:

126556. The frequency of Rotor Current at the time of starting of an induction Motor is:

126557. ’The Indian Struggle’is the Autobiography of:

126558. The Prime Minister of India who presided continuously three times as a Chairman of the planning commission of India:

126559. The sudden withdrawal of Non-cooperation movement led to the formation of:

126560. The Partition of India was accepted on the basis of:

126561. In which of these cities did Jallian Wallabagh Massacre,one of the most tragic event in the history of our freedom struggle took place?

126562. Kerala Sastra puraskar of 2014 was awarded to:

126563. Who was the freedom fighter other than Gandhiji,who died in 1948?

126564. Red panda is the state animal of which Indian State:

126565. Who chairs the joint sitting of the parliament?

126566. The term Handicap is related to:

126567. Sadhujana Paripalana Sangam later popular as:

126568. Integration of Indian states was a great achievement of:

126569. The author of ‘My Music,My Life’:

126570. Who is the chair person of National Women’s Commission?

126571. Which state known as ‘Land of Bio diversity’?

126572. Who constituted Theertha Pada Matham?

126573. The major type of soil found in Deccan plateau:

126574. When and where was Jana-Gana Mana first sung?

126575. The drama ‘Balakalesam’ written by:

126576. Chathrapathi Shivaj International Airport is located in:

126577. The indirect form of 'Are you going to the party?' is?

126578. The number of ribs in human body is?

126579. The British Governor-General who won the title Maker of Modern India:?

126580. After ......... this form, give it to the secretary.?

126581. The region of Kerala where evergreen forest are seen?

126582. The tennis player who won the Ladies Singles Championship in Wimbledon, the most times:?

126583. Give suitable prepositions:The statement is not relevant .........— the context .?

126584. The membership of a State Legislative Assembly generally ranges between?

126585. I can not say when I saw him ..........?

126586. Titanium is purified by?

126587. Integrated circuits were invented by Jack Kilby and................?

126588. The first meeting of the UN General Assembly was held in which city?

126589. Provide meaningful words to fill the blanks: If the President does not grand clemency in his case he ......... hanged shortly.?

126590. Who built Char Minar?

126591. Where ......... all the rivers gone?

126592. Magic Johnson is a :?

126593. The actress who won Urvashi award 4 times:?

126594. ..............measures level of humidity?

126595. Which of the following is present in hard water?

126596. World Thriff Day is observed on?

126597. According to the Govt. of India Act of 1935, India had been divided into --- provinces?

126598. The lecture is ......... interesting.?

126599. Vande Mataram was first sung at the session of the Indian National Congress in?

126600. Fill up the blanks:Good restaurants serving pure vegetarian food are very hard to ..........?

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