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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 2530

126501. In long and medium Tran’s mission line the receiving end voltage is greater than sending end voltage this effect is called:

126502. The type of insulator used submarine cable is:

126503. SL type cables are used up to:

126504. The fusing factor of HRC fuse is:

126505. The correct sequence of the conducting material on the basis of conducting is:

126506. Among them which material having highest die electric strength:

126507. For a human body the ear to ear resistance is about----------ohm.

126508. The limiting temperature of class a insulator is:

126509. Constantum is the alloy contain:

126510. The insulating material used for the preparation of cable joint is:

126511. The ratio of mmf to reluctance is called:

126512. The tumbrule of measurement of insulation resistance of an installation should be not less than:

126513. The average voltage drop of a soft graphate brush in a DC generator is:

126514. A magnetic material having large area of hysteresis loop,the material having:

126515. Flashing means:

126516. The equation for back emf in a DC generator Eb=:

126517. In the case of extra high voltage how much voltage can be permissible in the case of higher voltage regulation:

126518. Smoothening is the fire exchanging process by which:

126519. The current through the holding coil of a 4 point starter is limited by:

126520. The class of measuring instrument that used for industrial and panel board application is:

126521. Among them which method of measured is not for low resistance measurement:

126522. The effective value of alternating current is:

126523. The IS code of earthing is:

126524. The depolarizer used in leclanche cell is:

126525. When four no of 2v,4 Ah cells are connected in parallel,what will be it’s Ah capacity:

126526. Boost charging method of battery is used to the battery for charging:

126527. For magnetic shielding which material is used:

126528. Mica capacitors are best suited for:

126529. For a line hacksaw blade the pitch is:

126530. In a megger the current coil develop torque under the influence of permanent magnet is:

126531. The apparent power mentioned in the name plate of a CT in volt ampere at specified power factor is:

126532. The primary and secondary voltage of a Delta-star transformer is out of phase with a degree of:

126533. A 6 pole 5 KW,5 KW,50 Hz 3(Phi)motor having a full load slip of 3%,what will be the speed at full load:

126534. While testing a capacitors with the help of ohm meter the needle deflects towards zero and then goes to infinity the capacitor is:

126535. The instrument used for measuring RPM is:

126536. From the following which is not characteristic of a capacitor start capacitor run motor?

126537. Among them which light source having high lumen efficiency :

126538. BT-136 is a semi conductor device,the device is.

126539. While using GI wire as earth continuity conductor the minimum Gauge is:

126540. The voltage not exceeding 250 V is called:

126541. While erecting a pole to the ground the minimum depth kept bellow the ground level is:

126542. In a Gyser which material used in between the outer core and inner tank:

126543. 1 KWH is equal to:

126544. The mass of an electron is approximately:

126545. The value of absolute permittivity is:

126546. The Dummy coil used in a DC generator:

126547. The transformer oil used in transformer provides:

126548. The critical resistance of a DC shunt generator is the resistance of:

126549. The polarity of interpole in the case of a DC generator is:

126550. Which characteristic of a motor is mainly considered for its industrial application?

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