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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 2529

126451. Who is considered as the ‘Father of Modern Chemistry’?

126452. If a particle has a constant speed

126453. Find the odd one in the following which does not belong to the group of the other four?

126454. Nephrons are seen in which part of the human body?

126455. The nutrients from the food absorbed by the intestines go directly to the

126456. What is the percentage of lead in the writing core of a lead pencil?

126457. The cross-platform mobile messaging application WhatsApp is owned by

126458. In computer memory 1 TB is equal to

126459. A programme in a personal computer that manages data flow from the computer’s operating system and attached devices such as hard disk,key board,mouse and printer

126460. How many Round Table Conferences were held by the British Government to discuss constitutional reforms in India and mention the place(s)where such conference(s)was/were held?

126461. The nationalization of fourteen major banks in India was in the year

126462. Operation Vijay by the Indian Army is connected with

126463. The author of the historical novel Kerala Simham

126464. The historical Teresappally Copper plate was issued by

126465. The High Court of Travancore was established in the year

126466. Which of the following word(s)was/were added to the Preamble of the Indian Constitution through the 42nd Amendment to the Constitution?

126467. The Article in the Indian Constitution which guarantees the Right to Education

126468. The 100 the Amendment to the Constitution of India was passed in the year

126469. Which of the following is not true about greenhouse gases?

126470. The Head Quarters of the United Nations Environment Programme is in

126471. Which Country has filed a case against India’s Nuclear Weapons Programme in the International Court of Justice?

126472. Which State in India has started excavation to find the mythical river Saraswathy?

126473. Sariska Wild Life Sanctuary is in which State in India?

126474. India-born Nikesh Arora was appointed as the President and COO of the Soft Bank Corporation,Japan in June What is the main area of activity of the Soft Bank?

126475. Which country holds the major share in the newly formed Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank(AIIB)?

126476. Dheepan,the film which won the Palme d’Or at the 2015 Cannes Film Festival is a ----------film

126477. The name of the painting by Pablo Picasso which was auctioned for US$ 3 million in May

126478. Who won the Men’s Singles Title in the 2015 French Open Tennis Championships?

126479. How many languages in India have been given’Classical Language’ status by the Union Government and the language that was selected last for the status?

126480. In two watt meter method of power measurement one Watt meter (W2)shows negative reading to get actual reading

126481. The condition for maximum running torque for a 3 phase induction motor is:

126482. In a vibrating reed type frequency meter the frequency of supply reads through vibration,the vibration of desired frequency depends upon:

126483. In Induction type watt meter the copper shading Band used for :

126484. -------------is not a standard sweep of ceiling fan.

126485. What are the tests conducted to draw the circle diagram of an induction motor?

126486. The joint used in over head line where considerable tensile strength required is:

126487. In Electricians solder the percentage of tin and lead is:

126488. In an induction motor the phenomenon found that the motor having a tendency to rotate 1/7th of its normal speed is called:

126489. In repulsion motor the direction of rotation changed by changing:

126490. The speed of universal motor at no load in about:

126491. As per IE rule the load in each power sub circuit not exceed:

126492. The Socket outlet shall be provide in a bathroom at a height not less than:

126493. The speed control obtained in domestic mixer grinder is:

126494. Plummet is a measuring tool used for:

126495. The speed of turbo generator is usually:

126496. Among them which is not a standered size in PVC conduct:

126497. V curve of a three phase synchronous motor is the relation between:

126498. The head of high head hydroelectric power plant:

126499. Pumped storage power plant belongs:

126500. The coolant used in fast breeder reactor is:

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