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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 2556

127801. Fiji achieved the independence in .........?

127802. The creature which has the shortes life span?

127803. In chidren the deficiency of Thyroxine leads to a disease called?

127804. The Indian Red Cross Society was established in the year:?

127805. Give antonyms: Plump?

127806. Who presided over the first all Kerala conference of congress held in Ottappalam in 1921.?

127807. Official language of South Sudan?

127808. Who is the first Indian Spiritual to receive the Crans Montana Forum Award?

127809. Which of the following is not a function of the RBI?

127810. The information you put into the computer?

127811. The lovely Moti Masjid (Pearl Mosque) at Agra, was built by?

127812. Which of the following is the correct statement regarding the Buddha’s attitude on the subject of entry of women into the Buddhist Sangha?

127813. Keep quiet, .........?

127814. By which law did he British Crown take over the power to rule over India from the East India Company?

127815. The study of cultivation of vegetables?

127816. Kanishka held the fourth Buddhist council mainly to?

127817. Coralloid roots are found in?

127818. Name the metals of the coins Tanka, Shashgani and Jital of the Sultanate period,?

127819. A well-known patron of the Mahayana form of Buddhism was?

127820. The second president of India to die in harness?

127821. According to Mahatma Gandhi's economic philosophy, complete happiness can be achieved by?

127822. Telecom Company Nokia belongs to which country?

127823. Who delivered his first sermon at Sarnath?

127824. The opposite of ‘vice’ is:?

127825. Father of Local Self Government in India.?

127826. The country first introduce paper currency?

127827. Which of the following Country didn’t use euro?

127828. Appliances based on heating effect of current works on?

127829. Parvathi Puthanar was built during the period of?

127830. The gas responsible for greenhouse effect is?

127831. The Chief idol of Thalikkota temple is ......?

127832. The account of Babur’s life was written in?

127833. In which year Kerala Education rules passed by Kerala Legislative Assembly?

127834. Monkeys live ......... trees.?

127835. The weight of an average human male brain is about?

127836. Patanjali, a famous personality of ancient India was primarily?

127837. Which is not a member of Colombo plan?

127838. Provide meaningful words to fill the blanks: Mary is ......... the top ......... the class.?

127839. Third generation computer used?

127840. Who said “Success is the sole earthly judge of right and wrong”?

127841. Who amongst the following is a famous badminton player and has represented India in many International events?

127842. Who composed the popular devotional song ‘Bhaja Govindam’?

127843. The police ......... questioning two men.?

127844. A glass rod placed in a colourless liquid seems to disappear because:?

127845. My grandfather ......... ten years ago.?

127846. A steel rod of length 20 m at 300C is heated upto 400What is the temperature stress developed if the expansion is prevented?Given,a=1210-6 per 0C,E=2105N/mm2

127847. Which of the following is not a neutral oxide?

127848. Most abudant noble gas is?

127849. The Buddhist religious literature produced during the Mauryan period was in?

127850. Which one of the following Governor-General followed policy of non-intervention in India?

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