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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 2557

127851. The main component present in bones and teeth?

127852. The instrument used to detect planes and other objects in the sky?

127853. The steel plants at Durgapur, Bhilai and Rourkela were established during the period of?

127854. For the measurement of temperature we use?

127855. Which among the following is not given by K.K. Birla Foundation?

127856. Who is the first Indian woman won the medal in World Athletics Championship?

127857. “Mau-Mau” rebellion is associated with the freedom movement in?

127858. Snake-bite first affects the .........?

127859. Sir Thomas Roe was the accredited ambassdor of the King of England to the Mughal Court. The King of England to the Mughal Court. The King of Englad who sent him was?

127860. Biggest herbs?

127861. The first president of Kerala Sahitya Academy?

127862. The Pallava kings are remembered a the makers of rock-cut temples at?

127863. The star nearest to the Earth?

127864. Who has given the name pacific ocean to it?

127865. The Capital of Vietnam?

127866. The number of Fundamental Duties in the Indian constitution?

127867. Nehru Boat Race is taking place in the backwater of Kerala is ......?

127868. This is ......... European.?

127869. National Scheme of Training for Rural Youth for Self-employment (TRYSEM) in India was launched as a centrally sponsored scheme in the year?

127870. Fill in the blanks using the suitable words in the choices. Some of you are learning English, .........—?

127871. ‘Let no man ask a man’s sect or caste’ Whose dictum was this?

127872. The K.S.E.B was formed in?

127873. Which University gave honourary doctorate to V.R.Krishna Iyer?

127874. "Satyameva Jayathe" in National Emblem is written in?

127875. Two students fought a college election. The winning student got 60% of the total votes and won the election by 144 votes only. What was the total number of votes polled?

127876. Who among the following is known as ‘Kipper’?

127877. The Hindustan Aircraft Ltd. is situated at .........?

127878. In AC circuit the ratio of KW/KVA

127879. Who was the founder of India League?

127880. The famous book Vasoori is written by?

127881. Who among the following headed the Committee on 'Computerisation' in Indian banks (1988)?

127882. The most famous court poet (in Hindi Literature) of Akbar was?

127883. Sri Perumbudur, a temple town in south, is the birthplace of?

127884. Use prepositions wherever necessary. They imposed a heavy fine ......... the driver .?

127885. Who is the first Indian won the Australian Open Junior Grandslam?

127886. Which Operating system was launched by independent software developers?

127887. The basic structural unit of Kidney is?

127888. Which of the following gases is obtained by the reaction of water with calcium carbide?

127889. Short-sightedness can be corrected by using?

127890. Lock jaw is a symptom of?

127891. Fission of a nucleus is achieved by bombarding it with?

127892. Which one of the following Harappan sites is not located in Gujarat?

127893. Kalibangan is situated on the banks of the river?

127894. Who was known as Valiakappithan of Marthandavarma’s Army?

127895. Who was the Chief Minister of Kerala born in 19th century?

127896. The largest lake in India?

127897. When was first Co-operative Act was passed in the year?

127898. Two punctures will appear on the part bitten by a?

127899. Fill Up the blanks : A group of people ......... standing at the street corner.?

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